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Thanksgiving is canceled until further notice and beatings will continue until morale improves.

A ‘hate America first’ commentator trashed Thanksgiving as a celebration of genocide and white supremacy.

Several American universities are asking you to endure a “National Day of Mourning to reflect the centuries-long displacement and persecution of Native Americans” instead of enjoying your holiday gathering.  Presumably, this means sackcloth and ashes instead of turkey and cranberry sauce.  What a downer.

I wish I could take all this seriously, but I know it’s a game, the Dialectical Negation game.  The idea is to destroy the country and its founding principles by criticizing them relentlessly through the introduction of contrary ideas.  For example, America’s Founders didn’t select the most coherent, sustainable, and humane political philosophy of all time – classical liberalism – or strive to create a “more perfect Union”.  No, they were murderous thieves who raped and pillaged their way to empire.  The contrary idea is sent by organized forces like a guided missile on a seek-and-destroy mission and goes through several cycles until the original idea is finally obliterated and erased.  The new idea supplants the old idea and the country is destroyed in the process.  This is how the revolution will come about, the old order will be swept aside, and the new order will take its place.

But it’s a double game.  The first game is to destroy the country and usher in the revolution.  The game within the game is discernible when you focus on who benefits.  The commentators and other useful idiots who propagate the contrary idea and carry the mass line forward will be the first to be lined up against the wall and shot, and a new elite will take over everything.  That’s the history of the Left; it’s what always happens in Leftist revolutions.  This is why I say the issue is never the issue; the issue is always wealth and power for a tiny elite, the last ones standing.  Laying a guilt trip on America for what it did to American Indians is just a club to beat people up with and help elite Leftists gain power.  So I can’t take any of it seriously.

Life masters in the game include Hegel who introduced dialectical theory, a communist theorist named Nechayev whose whole philosophy was ‘burn it all down’, and Karl Marx.  Marx added to the game when he said the job of communist revolutionaries is to relentlessly criticize Western civilization until it falls.  He was the inspiration for critical theory and its troublesome offshoot we hear so much about today, Critical Race Theory.  Marx was once asked what things would look like after the revolution and his answer basically was ‘don’t ask me, my job is to tear everything down, not figure out what comes next.’

I am not making light of America’s mistreatment of American Indians.  You really should see the movie Cheyenne Autumn if you don’t know anything about the federal government’s despicable record in this regard.  My own mother created and donated a monument in my home town to preserve the memory of the Potawatomi Trail of Tears.  But addressing past wrongs does not mean throwing the entire country away.  I don’t know how you unscramble that egg, or why you would even try.

So put on sack cloth and ashes if you insist on virtue signaling this Thanksgiving.  Let me suggest to you, however, it would be better to follow my mother’s example and actually do something to better the lives of American Indians.  Alcoholism, mysterious murders of women, poverty on the Hopi reservation – there’s no shortage of problems to work on.   Roll up your sleeves and get to work or throw money.  Until you do, we know you are not to be taken seriously and your virtue signaling and your hysterical rhetoric just bounces off.