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Today, we’re back to one of my favorite subjects, the authoritarian Left.  They’re so easy to ridicule.

How dare those pesky parents criticize school board policies.  Well, the school board president in Scottsdale decided to get even.  His father photographed license plates and the son shared dossiers with allies containing personal information on parents he labeled lunatics, wackos, and psychos.   He denies the allegations but had sent an email to a parent which inadvertently revealed the location of the dossiers online.  Government officials compiling dossiers on private citizens is straight out of the communist playbook.

Meanwhile, in Loudon County, Virginia – the epicenter of the parents’ revolt – the public school district is forcing parents to sign nondisclosure agreements if they want to see the schools’ Critical Race Theory curriculum.  The parents can only see part of it and must show up in person to view the material.  Loudon County – where kids belong to the state.  When you remember Joe Biden’s Education Secretary told Congress earlier this year that parents should not be the “primary stakeholder” in their kids’ education, it all fits.

Across the Potomac in Washington, D.C., two parents kept their unvaccinated kids home when their school failed to rectify problems with its HVAC system or implement outdoor eating.  They got a visit from child protective services who asked about their monthly income, the paternity of their children, and whether they had ever been diagnosed with mental health problems.

Speaking of mental health problems, Chicago Mayor Lightfoot is attempting to turn up the heat on police officers who refuse to get vaccinated for COVID by claiming vaccinated people can’t transmit the virus.  This, of course, is completely contrary to science.

The COVID Nazis in Australia seized confidential patient files from a doctor and closed his clinic in their quest to force more people to get vaccinated.  This follows reports that Australian government officials are raiding bank accounts and seizing property from people with unpaid fines for breaking COVID rules.

Speaking of bank accounts, the Left has been trying to get a $600 IRS reporting requirement for years.  Such a provision was actually passed in Obamacare in 2010, but was soon repealed.  But the authoritarian Left never quits; they’re back at it again in the reconciliation bill.  That bill would also create new climate police and force daycare providers to hire only college graduates.

The Equality Act which has passed the House would compel doctors and other healthcare professionals to participate in abortions against their conscience or religious beliefs.

Wait, it gets crazier.  A Democrat state lawmaker in Pennsylvania introduced a bill to force men to be sterilized after they father three children or turn 40, whichever comes first.  The bill would pay $10,000 to snitches who turn people in for failing to comply.  To which I say, three generations of imbecile Democrat state lawmakers is enough.

Connect the dots and what do you get?  An authoritarian Left suffering under the grandiose insane delusion they are creating a perfect world.  Only one problem – they need to impose their new morality to get there, with the emphasis on “impose”.  So, if you want a world where parents have no rights, doctors have no conscience rights, science and truth go out the window if they get in the way of what government officials want to do to you, the IRS watches your every move, and you’re being forced to do something you don’t want to do every time you turn around, just keep voting Democrat.  That perfect world is right around the corner, and always will be.

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