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The Democrats’ January 6th Committee puts on their ‘really big shew’ tonight – professionally produced, no less.  Who doesn’t love a good show trial.  The Democrats would rather persecute their political enemies than talk about the ruinous effects of their own failed policies.  They won’t talk about how their policies actually hurt people, so I will.

Overdose deaths have more than doubled in Oregon since the Democrats decriminalized hard drugs.


Detroit, run by Democrats for 60 years, is now rated the worst place in America to raise a family.

Democrat-controlled San Francisco passed a new tax in 2018 to end homelessness for all time.  Spending on the homeless is up 400 percent but there are more homeless than ever in San Francisco and the conditions in which they live are deteriorating.  Rat-infested hotels – that’s the solution the Democrats came up with.

The average price of a gallon of gasoline is approaching $5, thanks to the failed energy policies of Joe Biden and the Democrats.

Yale has sponsored all manner of do-gooder projects in New Haven, Connecticut over the last 70 years, from day care to public schools.  The end result is that poverty is twice the national average, putting New Haven at the bottom, alongside with Mississippi, for per capita income.  Democrat-aligned policies destroyed the work ethic among New Haven residents, as well as their desire for upward mobility.

Speaking of the work ethic, a new study shows that extended federal unemployment benefits in the COVID pandemic led millions to decide not to return to work, hurting themselves and their communities.  People went back to work earlier in states that refused the extended benefits.

The Biden administration is ramping up federal grants for more bike lanes on roads, despite the fact more dead cyclists from accidents is the result.

Eric Adams, Democrat Mayor of New York City, is bringing back Michelle Obama’s failed healthy school lunches and, once again, kids are throwing the slop in the garbage.

Democrat-controlled Alexandria, Virginia took school resource officers out of the public schools, but was forced to return them after a string of incidents involving students and guns.

The Democrats never learn.  The reason is they judge government programs by whether the programs make them feel good about themselves, not by whether the programs actually work.  No wonder the January 6th Committee wants Donald Trump’s head on a pike.  If I were them, I wouldn’t want to talk about my failed policies, either.  But, boy, can they tap dance.  Enjoy the show.

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