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America’s adversaries are on the march, national security experts warn, because the Biden administration and, thus America, are perceived as weak.  The experts fear Russia, China, North Korea, and Iran will act in coordinated fashion to make moves they’ve been wanting to make for a long time, but did not dare to make when Donald Trump was President.  [Secure Freedom Radio, Dec 15th and 16th]  So, for example, Russia might invade Ukraine and, while the U.S. is occupied with that, China would invade Taiwan, North Korea would move against South Korea, and Iran would mobilize its proxies like Hamas to further its aims in the Middle East.  This scenario has probably never occurred to the left-wing ideologues in the Biden administration who don’t realize the world is a dangerous place.  Nor do they understand that weakness is provocative and only emboldens rogue nations around the world.

While you’re sticking your head in the sand about that, try ignoring all the other growing threats to national security we face today:


In case you haven’t noticed, China is busy building superweapons that can deliver knock-out punches.  I warned you in October China has acquired the ability to mount surprise nuclear attacks anywhere in the world with hypersonic missiles launched from space.   Since that time, it’s been reported China’s military has declared biowarfare to be its fundamental guiding principle and is developing bioweapons to target race and ethnicity.  Imagine a world where only Han Chinese remain because people of every other stripe have been wiped out.  In addition to weaponizing Han Chinese racism, China has developed other superweapons including a “satellite-crusher” that can capture and disable or destroy other satellites and an antenna to communicate with its submarines thousands of miles away.  China is also investing heavily in quantum computing to break any encryption which has profound implications for war-fighting and commerce.  The U.S. Space Force is warning that China is advancing its ability to fight in space at twice the rate we are.

Russia, meanwhile, is building hypersonic weapons, the world’s best air and missile defenses, and underground shelters for millions of people which show Russia does not believe nuclear war is out of the question.

The U.S. military is only “marginally” able to defend America’s interests, according to the recently released 2022 Index of U.S. Military Strength.  The Index singles out the Air Force and Space Force as particularly weak and unprepared to fight.

And what are we doing in the face of all this?  Making sure every member of America’s armed forces is taught America is a horrible rotten racist country not worth fighting for.  Let us give thanks to our Woke Pentagon for that.  We are also purging the military of personnel who refuse to get vaccinated for COVID, most recently over a hundred Marines.  This is a luxury we cannot afford.  The purge is just beginning and has the prospect of wiping out key capabilities like, for example, entire Navy Seal teams.  Seven hundred Seals are refusing to get vaccinated.  [Sam Faddis on Secure Freedom Radio, week of 10/11/21]

If you think America is safe and we can fiddle while other countries with hostile intent ramp up their military capabilities for possible use against us, you are taking an awful lot for granted.

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