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As long as the Democrats are all hepped up about Law & Order today, let’s see if they’ll do something about the gargantuan criminal monster they created. I’m talking about the Soros DAs, the prosecutors who won’t prosecute. They are a threat to democracy.

Manhattan’s new DA Alvin Bragg has taken it upon himself to ignore the state legislature and change the laws so that many crimes no longer carry jail sentences. He’s doing this in the name of “fairness and safety”. That’s pretty cheeky, don’t you think? He is also imposing ‘incarceration impact statements’, meaning prosecutors can’t recommend prison terms if it will make it harder for defendants to get a job or they will suffer racially disparate outcomes in the future. He also changed the law where it allows sentences of life without parole. He unilaterally limited punishment in those cases to a maximum of 20 years.


Bragg claims all this will make the city safer because criminals will find it easier to reintegrate into society. Maybe that will actually happen in a handful of cases where the criminal wouldn’t eventually straighten out anyway, but what about the rest of the cases where criminals have no intention of reforming? They will receive kid-glove treatment under Bragg’s policies and thus be incentivized to commit more crimes. What’s the net?

Police unions did not hold back in their criticism. “In Bragg’s Manhattan, you can resist arrest, deal drugs, obstruct arrests, and even carry a gun and get away with it,” one said. Another said this is all very demoralizing for the police. “Police officers don’t want to be sent out to enforce laws that the district attorneys won’t prosecute and there are already too many people who believe that they can commit crimes, resist arrest, interfere with police officers, and face zero consequences.”

In Seattle, where crime is spiking, police are allowed to go to the scene where a stolen vehicle is reported, surround the vehicle, and draw their guns. That’s it. They’re not allowed to pursue the vehicle if the car thief drives away, as just happened in a case this week. But don’t worry, under the logic of the Soros DAs, the poor oppressed car thief should be allowed to keep the car because it’s a crime of poverty. The car thief needs the car, and the rich owner of the car has insurance and can replace the car. In other words, the car thief wins because the car thief is a class hero and everybody else loses because they are class enemies, just like in communist countries. I defy you to tell me what democracy can survive if those are the rules of the game.

The Soros DA in San Francisco has been in office two years. He has made it easier for violent and non-violent offenders to get released, but, to hear him tell it, recent smash-and-grab robberies are not his fault. It’s society’s fault because society doesn’t prevent these crimes before they happen. Let me see if I’ve got this right. Prosecutors shouldn’t have to prosecute, because there shouldn’t be any crime in the first place. It is society that is bad, not criminals who are bad. So I guess that means the criminals should be prosecuting US for giving THEM a hard time when it is US who are bad. I feel so much better now that I understand just how bad I’ve been all this time, including the two times robbers have stuck a gun in my face and gotten away with it.

By the way, the San Francisco DA faces a recall election next June. I hope San Francisco voters come to their senses and kick this guy out. It’s not impossible. In November, voters in Seattle rejected a candidate for City Attorney who wanted to abolish the police and prisons entirely.

However, a recall effort against the Soros DA in Los Angeles failed last year. One consequence is that a murderer who received a 50-year sentence is free after just six years. The Soros DA did not even have the decency to tell the victim’s family the early release was in the works. It’s not the first time he sought a reduced sentence for a murderer. So, apparently, murderers are class heroes in this guy’s book and everybody else just has to suck it up.

If you’re worried about insurrection today, you should worry about the Soros DAs who are overthrowing the criminal justice system in cities around the country. If you don’t want to see the death of democracy, then you need to mobilize against the Soros DAs who ignore state legislatures, turn criminals into class heroes who always win no matter what, and you the voters into chumps who should just keep paying big salaries to prosecutors who won’t prosecute because some billionaire wants to turn your cities into cesspools.

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