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Liberal San Franciscans threw out Progressive DA Chesa Boudin yesterday.  It wasn’t even close – 60-40.  Good riddance to bad garbage.  It also brings me joy that more than a few of George Soros’ Benjamins went down the drain yesterday.  Mister Chaos has spent $40 million to elect 75 criminal justice crazies as prosecutors-who-won’t-prosecute across the country in the last 10 years.  George Soros really is the devil, as the Soros document leak a few years ago so copiously documented.  If anyone wants to challenge me on that statement, bring it on.  I’m loaded for bear.

With the spawn of the devil out of the way in San Francisco, residents can start reclaiming their city from the smash-and-grab artists and the perps who have been brutally attacking Asians.


But more work remains to be done in reclaiming the criminal justice system from the social justice crazies who were able to hijack it after George Floyd-induced mania got cities to defund the police.  This was a crazy policy now repudiated in several places.  George Floyd mania also allowed Black Lives Matter to rule the roost and get street murals painted in their honor.  BLM is now in tatters after financial scandals exposed it as a get-rich-quick scheme for its organizers – Build Large Mansions indeed, several at a time.

Work remains to be done in Seattle which defunded the police and gave a green light to rioters to take over city blocks for a lawless autonomous zone.  Robberies went up 30 percent and violent crime overall spiked 32 percent after Seattle politicians defunded the police.  One thing that needs to be fixed in Washington is the state’s new law limiting vehicle pursuit by police to cases of probable cause for specific crimes.  The restriction has emboldened criminals not to stop when being chased and has even caused hundreds of ordinary people to refuse to pull over when they should be getting a speeding ticket.  Things are out of whack.

But there are signs of hope.  More people are recognizing the pendulum has swung too far in favor of criminals and the Woke social justice mob that coddles them.  As I mentioned earlier and documented in previous commentaries, several cities have confessed error and re-funded their police departments.  Illinois passed a new law targeting smash-and-grab robberies.  New York is considering bringing back cash bail in some cases.  The liberal New York Times admitted crime is out of control and it’s people of color who are demanding something be done about it.  New York City Mayor Eric Adams called on residents to fund and support the police, a clear rebuke to Democrat AOC who is out to lunch on this issue like so much of her party, the Party of Chaos.  A vote for the Democrats is a vote for mayhem, as is now plain for all to see.

The nation got drunk on George Floyd.  It’s a tragedy what happened to him, but people binged on Woke criminal justice reform after his death and are finally starting to deal with the bad hangover their drinking to excess has caused.  Nothing like brazen smash-and-grab robberies and deadly subway shootings to focus the mind.

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