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Two new stories today show the Biden administration continues to expand its open border immigration policies.

DHS is drafting a plan to allow people who committed fraud in applying for U.S. citizenship to remain citizens, saying the important thing is for those pobrecitos not to have to worry about their future.  Washington Times  Meanwhile, leaked border patrol documents show the Biden administration has released more than 160,000 illegal aliens into the U.S. so far this year.  OAN  Those are just the ones we know about.

The cartels and coyotes are sending more.  They send families with young children across the border in the morning.  Then, when border agents are tied up with paperwork processing the families, the cartels and coyotes bring more people and contraband across in the afternoon in places along the border where agents are missing.  [Secure Freedom Radio, 10/11/21)

What could possibly motivate the Biden administration to adopt policies they know result in the deaths of untold numbers of people trying to reach the United States?  Policies that result in small children arriving here alone without their parents?   Policies that alienate their fellow Democrats, border town mayors who are stuck with the tab for providing housing, healthcare, and other services to the masses of illegal aliens swarming their towns?   Policies the administration knows create national security risks, like letting in fake refugees who are actually members of Islamic militia groups, and giving hostile nations access to our homeland.  Democrat Tulsi Gabbard said the administration is lying when it claims the border is secure.

Today’s new stories, taken together with the slew of previous Biden policy changes opening the border, beg the question: are there any policies left that haven’t been loosened yet?

And to what end?  Democrats mock people who articulate what Democrats call the Great Replacement theory – the idea that Biden is deliberately pursuing open border policies to change the racial mix of the country.  The Democrats brand this as ‘white supremacism’ but a closely related theory holds the open border policies are being pursued to create a permanent political majority for the Democrats. Millions of illegal aliens will eventually vote for the Democrats when they eventually become citizens and no Republican will ever get elected again, the theory holds.

OK, fine. If you’re not trying to replace the population of the United States to marginalize white people or replace the current population with people who are more politically to your liking, what ARE you trying to do?  To burden is on you to explain what all these policy changes are for.  Are you trying to save the entire world?  If you don’t want people believing the Great Replacement or permanent political majority theories, the burden is on you to articulate the true goal of your open borders policies. You have been undeniably and systematically opening the borders every which way you can.  What for?  Let’s hear it.  I’m waiting.