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OSHA has gone into full cover-up mode concerning adverse reactions to COVID vaccines.  Late last month, Joe Biden told OSHA to hide information on vaccine injuries.  Yesterday, it was reported OSHA’s website now states OSHA will not require employers to report adverse reactions from the vaccines among their workers.  The reason OSHA gives is astounding: they don’t want to hear about adverse reactions because they don’t want to discourage workers from getting vaccinated.  So much for the health and safety of the workers, which is the agency’s mission.  Workers have been sacrificed on the altar of the Biden administration’s phony narrative that the vaccines are completely safe.  Pravda has spoken. 

But that doesn’t prevent adverse reactions from continuing to pile up.  7,000 people had died shortly after receiving COVID vaccines when I first started tracking official government numbers in July.  The number of deaths has now passed 16,000 and the total number of adverse reactions – heart problems, blood clots, miscarriages, menstrual disruption, neurological symptoms, etc. – is approaching 800,000.  These numbers are off the charts compared to all other vaccines combined since the reporting system began 30 years ago.

9,000 people in the U.S. have died after receiving a COVID vaccine in the last three months or so.  There are obviously problems with the vaccines, including problems for pregnant women and the babies they breastfeed, but nobody in authority will talk about them.  The same problems are happening in other countries.  The narrative that the vaccines are safe is as phony as a three-dollar bill, but public health authorities don’t even try to make a case the vaccines are worthwhile in spite of the hundreds of thousands of adverse reactions.  We only get from them silence, cover-ups, and shrill complaints that people like me are irresponsible for pointing out the emperor has no clothes. 

Here’s what else the running dogs of COVID imperialism won’t talk about:

They won’t talk about the doctor in California who wrote the FDA and CDC about all the COVID vaccine injuries she is seeing – quadriplegia, organ failure, septic shock, and deaths.  The agencies won’t respond.

They won’t talk about the physician assistant who blew the whistle to the CDC and FDA that her hospital won’t let her file adverse reaction reports on the COVID vaccines.  Doctors are being pressured not to report, on pain of losing their job and never being able to practice medicine again.

Adverse reactions are only one of the problems with the phony COVID and vaccine narratives.  The vaccines lose their potency after a few short months.  Vaccinated people still get COVID breakthrough cases in high numbers.  Vaccines cause the virus to mutate into other variants.  Natural immunity is better than the vaccines – even Pfizer scientists will tell you that.

The case for the vaccines gets weaker by the day, but vaccine mandates are getting ever-more authoritarian.  That’s a disconnect.  The wheels are falling off the phony narratives.  The truth will eventually win out, but not before a lot more people lose their jobs, get discharged from the military, and get treated like lepers and second-class citizens for no good reason and for trying to protect themselves from all the problems our leaders won’t talk about.

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