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The National School Boards Association apologized for writing a letter asking the federal government to go after parents who protest school board policies as domestic terrorists.  The fact that nearly 20 state chapters cut ties with or distanced themselves from the national Association might have had something to do with the apology being issued.  In any event, the Association in its apology said, “There was no justification for some of the language included in the letter.”

I haven’t felt this good since the IRS apologized for what Lois Lerner did to the Tea Party. While they’re at it, the American Left should apologize for all its other recent outrages, too.

They should apologize for confusing kids as to whether they are boys or girls by teaching gender spectrum and gender fluidity in schools.  And they really think parents shouldn’t be upset by this?

The IRS should apologize for going after conservative groups again despite agreeing in a court settlement not to.

The Biden administration should apologize for ending America’s energy independence and causing the price of gas to go over $7 a gallon in some places.

Congressional Democrats should apologize for even discussing spending trillions of dollars we don’t have on “transformative” social programs when the 2020 election results gave them no mandate to fundamentally transform America, whatsoever.  Take your “transformative” policies and shove’em.

They can apologize for changing the 2020 election rules without legislative authority in their states, weakening election integrity to the point where half the country no longer has confidence our elections aren’t being stolen.

They should apologize for rising murder rates, ending cash bail and putting criminals back out on the streets, defunding the police, and spending oodles of money to elect prosecutors who won’t prosecute.

Nancy Pelosi should apologize for trashing the Constitution.  When asked if Obamacare was constitutional, she responded, “Are you serious?  Are you serious?”  Yes, Nancy, we are as serious as a heart attack.  We’ll take the Constitution over you, any day.

Democrat Mayor Ted Wheeler should apologize for letting Antifa run riot a hundred straight nights in Portland, set fire to the federal courthouse multiple times, and resume rioting again last week.  Not only did he not oppose Antifa in any of this, he egged them on.

NPR should apologize for changing its ethics code to allow its reporters to take part in left-wing demonstrations they are supposed to be covering objectively as journalists.

American Leftists should apologize for promoting Critical Race Theory and other doctrines derived from Marxism, which has killed 100 million people in a hundred years.

The Left should apologize for pursuing policies, means, and methods that have a lot of people in this country believing we are hopelessly divided and a civil war is inevitable.  The Democrats and their violent friends are the ones who took a left turn, not us.  We still represent the founding of the country and timeless principles like individual rights and free enterprise that made the country great.

The Left should apologize for running war-like operations against an unsuspecting American populace, capturing institution after institution – for example media, education and, most recently, the Pentagon – and infecting every aspect of life with their insane thinking and disastrous policies that hurt people.

They should apologize for their entire horrorshow and ask us how they can make it up to us for being so insulting, authoritarian, and destructive.

Well, this has been a delicious fantasy, but don’t expect the American Left to go on an apology tour any time soon, even though they should.

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