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The media lied to you about the Trump/Russia collusion hoax for more than two years, and now they’re being called to account for it in, of all places, the liberal Columbia Journalism Review.  Let’s be clear: there is no evidence the Trump campaign colluded with the Russians to get elected in 2016.  Adam Schiff claimed he had evidence, but never produced it.  The Mueller report ended with no impeachment of Trump for Russia collusion because Bob Mueller knew – 40 FBI agents and $40 million later – he had failed to come up with the goods.  The Trump/Russia collusion hoax was bogus from start to finish, but lack of evidence didn’t stop the media from incessantly pounding this non-story.  The debunked Steele dossier, the FBI lying to the FISA court – the media fed all this garbage to you knowing all the while there was no ‘there’ there.

This is why the assessment of the Columbia Journalism Review is that the press behaved abominably throughout the entire affair, breaching journalistic ethics left and right.  The assessment spoke of “the erosion of journalistic norms,” starting with the failure to report facts that were contrary to the narrative the press was pumping out.  The fact that the FBI’s lead investigator didn’t think, after some months, the collusion case could be made went unreported.  Another journalistic norm breached was the failure to ask people accused of wrongdoing for comment.  The result of another norm being trampled on was the indiscriminate use of anonymous sources and identifying them in misleading ways.

Very telling is the fact that media outlets would not cooperate with the Columbia Journalism Review’s assessment process.  The author of the assessment asked 60 journalists for interviews and didn’t get very many takers.  The media has clammed up about this.  Their lack of transparency tells you everything you need to know about them.  If they were proud of their performance, they wouldn’t stop telling you about it.  As things stand, you were cheated out of the truth about the Trump/Russia collusion hoax and cheated a second time because the media won’t come clean about the hoax they deliberately perpetrated on you in order to manipulate your opinion.

The Trump/Russia collusion hoax is not the only media outrage to draw fire in recent months.  Here are a few more:

The press routinely fails to disclose its conflicts of interests while reporting to you with a straight face.   Members of a left-wing journalists’ union report favorably on left-wing legislation without telling you their union urges them to support it.  The union gives millions to Democrat politicians, but you won’t find that disclosed in any of the stories union members write about Democrat politicians.

A communications director for the Washington Post is on the board of a racial justice nonprofit funded by a left-wing dark money group the Post won’t report on.  When asked if the communications director would recuse herself from stories about the dark money group, the Post said she is not a writer.  But that doesn’t even begin to address whether she will be steering coverage and for what purposes.

CBS let a historian comment favorably on Joe Biden’s election message before the midterms without disclosing the fact the historian is an advisor to Joe Biden and works on Joe Biden’s speeches.  Another CBS apparatchik was out there dutifully saying the FBI did not seize President Trump’s passports in the raid on Mar-a-Lago, but later said the passports would be returned, in complete contradiction to what she said earlier.  Egg on face – that’s what you get for parroting the administration line.  ABC’s ‘The View’ linkedTurning Point USA to neo-Nazis on air, backtracking only when Turning Point threated to sue.

The press in this country stinks.  That’s because they’ve chosen sides.  They are no longer honest brokers of the news.  They are part of the Evil Empire trying to take this country where the political Left wants it to go.  But don’t take my word for it.  Listen to this:  A news director at CNN was caught on undercover video saying CNN engaged in propaganda to get Trump out of office and the director came to CNN to be part of that exciting mission.  He was also caught saying CNN will milk climate change for years, now that COVID is winding down.  “Climate change is going to be the next COVID thing for CNN..,” he said. “Fear sells.”

Fear sells.  Remember that the next time some stinking journalist – probably paid by the greens and not disclosing it – tries to tell you the planet is burning up and climate change is all your fault – you need to change your wicked ways.  No.  You need to turn off the Evil Empire and get some truth in your life.

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