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Let’s get one thing clear:  There are only two biological sexes – male and female.  Medical emergencies aside, “Every human being in this room, every human being on earth, had to pass through the legs of a woman to be on earth,” as actor and comedian Dave Chappelle put it recently.  That’s the truth.

So when Congressman Jim Banks sent a tweet referring to HHS Assistant Secretary and now four-star admiral Rachel Levine as a “man”, the authoritarian Left went into hyperdrive to enforce the new orthodoxy of transgenderism.  Levine is a biological male who considers himself a transgender woman.  Twitter suspended Banks for Hateful Conduct – capital ‘H’, capital ‘C’.   Twitter says you are a hater if you tell the truth and, in the vernacular, ‘misgender’ someone.  Twitter said Banks has to delete the tweet to get back on Twitter.  Banks warned, “If they silence me, they will silence you.”

So there you have it – the truth is now hate speech.  And the authoritarian Left takes another scalp.

Twitter isn’t the only enforcer of the new orthodoxy.  A new report shows Facebook has been suppressing conservative news outlets, removing them from its News Tab function.   Facebook also takes action against conservative outlets after phony left-wing fact-checkers purposely rate their news stories ‘false’.

Another agent of the authoritarian Left, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki recently called for everyone suspended from one social media platform to automatically be banned from all social media platforms.

Yet another authoritarian, Ilhan Omar, just introduced a bill to create a government office to “monitor and combat Islamophobia” around the world.  “Combat” – what does that mean?  Critics say she wants the U.S. to police the world and silence the truth about the standard Islamic doctrines of sharia supremacy and jihad.

Other threats to the free expression of the truth loom on the horizon.  In Canada, a university and officials from the socialized government-run healthcare system are taking action against doctors who tell the truth publicly about the undeniable risks of COVID vaccines and the proven efficacy of treatments like ivermectin.   We can see the same impulse in America with doctors being told by their hospitals not to file adverse reaction reports about the COVID vaccines.  Heaven forbid people get all the information and decide for themselves – can’t have that.

But that’s exactly what we’re supposed to be doing as a sovereign people.  We need all the information to make our sovereign decisions, both individually and as a body politic.  That’s the entire purpose of our right to free speech under the First Amendment.  If you say We the People can’t have the truth or speak the truth, you make the government the arbiter of the truth and of what can and cannot be said.  If you like that idea, don’t come crying to me when you get investigated just for the search terms you type into Google and the government is controlling your every thought.

Fortunately, there are still people who believe the truth should not be suppressed.  Texas passed a law allowing people to sue Big Tech for suspending users for their political views.   The National Association of Scholars has created a tracker to document every instance where a college or university cancels faculty members for political statements.

I encourage you to do your part to keep free expression alive, starting with not being afraid to speak your mind and defending others you see being criticized for doing so.  It’s that old saying: ‘I may not agree with what you say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it.’  The alternative is thought control, an idea that should have died with the Soviet Union.

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