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I promised to show you how combatants other than school teachers and administrators are waging the War on Parents.

We start with teachers’ unions.   The New Jersey chapter of the National Education Association ran an ad calling parents “extremists” for speaking out against divisive Critical Race Theory (CRT) and communist-inspired transgenderism at school board meetings.  The ad accuses parents of ‘getting political’.  Excuse me, but parents are only reacting to teachers unions getting political.  The NEA spends twice as much money on politics than it does on worker issues.  The NEA wants to ban the words ‘mother’ and ‘father’, and that’s not political?  These people are nuts.

Yale University had posted a video on YouTube for two years, it is now trying to make disappear, extolling the virtues of its Pediatric Gender Program and the wonders of working with “gender-expansive individuals, 3 to 25…”  Gender-expansive 3-year-olds?  These people are sick.

Another combatant is the Democrat Party.  Beto O’Rourke says parents shouldn’t question teachers about what is being taught in the classroom.  He joins a long line of Democrats saying the same thing, including Terry McAuliffe who lost the Virginia governor’s race last year for saying it in a debate.

Then there’s the professional Left.  The discredited Southern Poverty Law Center created lessons for elementary schoolers on systemic racism and white privilege.  I guess the SPLC has to do something with the half a billion dollars it stashed offshore, somewhere.  The Satanic Temple continues to burrow away, most recently winning the right to hold an event in a high school in Pennsylvania.  The Satanic Temple is a fierce warrior.  It sues if it doesn’t get its way.

Transgender activists are attacking from the flanks.  They count avowed communists among their number.  One activist brags about distributing transgender drugs to minors online.  “Everything is free, no questions asked.”  Other activists work to get their critics deplatformed, calling them ‘terrorists’.

Subverted churches are joining in.  Episcopal Church leaders at a recent convention voted up a resolution in favor of sex changes for all ages, calling it ‘religious liberty’.  Pretty twisted.  They oppose laws banning transgender drugs and surgery for minors.  I suppose this means they support transgender drugs and surgery for gender-expansive 3-year-olds.  Meanwhile, a church in San Diego allowed a drag queen to film a music video on its premises mocking Biblical Christianity and indoctrinating children.

The medical profession has joined the onslaught.  A rainbow-haired doctor called parents who don’t allow their children to have transgender drugs and surgery ‘child abusers’.  The North Carolina nursing board investigated a mom who is a nurse who spoke at a school board meeting against mask mandates.  These most recent stories follow the American Academy of Pediatrics publishing a book brainwashing kids into pursuing transgenderism, for a modest fee, of course.

All these enemies are just following the lead of the FBI which, according to whistleblowers, cooks up fake domestic terrorism cases against parents so FBI agents can show good numbers and get promoted.

That brings us to Disney which, in many ways, is leading the charge in the War on Parents.  The newest weapons in the Disney arsenal include a kids’ cartoon series with two men dating and a transgender ‘man’ who menstruates, a new gay Spider-Man with a “fearlessly femme identity”, and a new series for next year that will “push the needle” for drag.  Mickey Mouse has put on a helmet and gone to war.

A powerful array of forces.  But not unbeatable.  Tomorrow, I’ll tell you about more parents who are stepping into the breach and winning against the transgender-industrial complex and other enemies we have named here today in the War on Parents.

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