Yes, some books should be banned – Be bold, unafraid of Leftist labels

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***WARNING: There are images embedded in this story showing what Leftists are defending in Iowa school libraries. The images are not appropriate for children and, quite frankly, should be considered illegal.***

As wrong as they are, the Left does a really good job at using language against conservatives. They craft arguments in a way that makes it really difficult for conservatives to win if — if — we accept their premise or accept their wording.


In the midst of the whole “debate” involving sexually explicit materials that promote pedophilia, masturbation, incest, teenage sex, gender identity issues, etc. it doesn’t surprise me when Leftists throw out the ole, “oh, so you want to ban books huh!” Or, “what, are you a book burner?”

Let’s get to the heart of the matter. We’re talking about books in taxpayer-funded school libraries. EVERYONE with a brain and a hint of sanity has some sort of standard they would use for justifying having materials in a school library. EVERYONE has a line that could not be crossed.

I think. I hope.

Keeping explicit, hardcore pornographic magazines or novels out of school libraries is something Iowans should agree upon, for example.

Everyone has a line that they would believe should not be crossed.

At least everyone who deserves to have an influence over the education of children.

If a student or a parent wants to purchase a book containing pictures like those in “Gender Queer” or words and passages like those in “Lawn Boy” or “All Boys Aren’t Blue” or “The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian,” well, then that is their choice.

But we’re not talking about private property. We’re talking about public funds being used to purchase smut to corrupt kids.

Period. End of story.

And if you are someone who doesn’t think these books cross the line — perhaps it is because you haven’t seen what we’re talking about.

So, WARNING, WARNING, WARNING — here are some images from “Gender Queer.” Mind you, these are NOT for children!

Look, those of us with common sense and a brain are going to be severely bothered by these images. Anyone who wants to spend any amount of time around anyone else’s children should be troubled by it also.

And anyone who isn’t should seriously re-evaluate some things.

I’m disgusted by the images. I don’t like sharing them. But here’s the reality folks — we have to make the Left own what they’re defending.

We can describe these images, we can describe these books and we can describe these passages. But when average everyday people see the material in its own form, it removes any sort of “bias” or potential argument that “oh, those conservatives are just a bunch of prudes.”

This crap is grotesque. It’s dangerous. It’s filth. Senator Jake Chapman is right – it’s GARBAGE.

It does not belong in schools. If a school administrator wouldn’t be comfortable reading the material on the intercom or showing the pictures at an assembly, then it shouldn’t be on the shelves of the school library.

So when a Leftist asks if you’re one of those conservatives who wants to “ban books,” tell them yeah. Heck yeah.

Ask them if they’re someone who wants to expose children to materials that promoted pedophilia, incest, pornographic images, etc.

Make them own it. Every bit of it.

I have total trust in average, everyday Iowans to look at these materials and know they are wrong today. But, unfortunately, the “culture war” doesn’t typically trend the way conservatives hope. Barring some sort of revival, there will likely be fewer Iowans bothered by these materials next year than there are this year. And it will incrementally get worse and worse.

We may not be able to stop it. We may not be able to turn this train around and get it back on the tracks.

But you’d better believe we are called to do everything in our power to right this ship. Duty is ours, results are God’s. Do not left the Left make you feel ashamed because you stand for what is right, what is good and what is sane.

Stand up. Speak out. Fight them on this crap like your children and grandchildren’s future depends on it. Because it very well might.

Let’s stop pretending standards are bad or rare. Let’s return to a time when America had standards and was willing to enforce them.

Author: Jacob Hall


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