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Senator Brad Zaun (R-Urbandale) joined Simon Conway Thursday afternoon to discuss the current controversy with the Iowa Supreme Court’s refusal to hand over all documents requested by The Iowa Standard. Zaun is the chairman of the Senate Judiciary committee.

“It’s very disappointing,” Zaun told Simon. “Chief Justice (Mark) Cady, I really like…he’s a very nice person and I’ve had many, many conversations with him.”

Zaun said he and Rep. Steve Holt (R-Denison) hand-delivered the draft of their judicial reform nomination bill and explained to Cady what they were trying to accomplish. Cady, Zaun said, was very gracious about that.

But, Zaun added, by the end of session he knows Cady had become full fledged activist.

“I do know for sure that Justice Cade was making phone calls to certain legislators trying to ask them to vote against this bill,” Zaun said. “They’re supposed to be beyond that. We operate (under) separation of powers.”

Zaun called the emails between David Boyd and current judicial branch lobbyists “disturbing” and “disappointing.”

He called it “very disturbing” that Cady believes his emails are not subject to the open records law of the state of Iowa.

“Boy, I’d sure like to know who that client is,” Zaun said, referencing Cady claiming attorney/client privileges. “This has got to stop. I will tell you this, as Judiciary chairman, I am going to file a bill that says our court system is not exempt from the open records law in regards to emails and that kind of stuff. This has got to stop. This is just blatant. This thing smells rotten.”

Zaun said he will contact a staffer to begin drafting language. He plans to pre-file the bill.

“When you see a pre-filed bill, that means it is higher priority,” Zaun said. “I’m planning on making it a committee bill, which gives a higher priority. It will get through the Judiciary committee this coming session.”

Simon also asked Zaun why he believes The Iowa Standard and Simon’s show are the only media outlets reporting it while mainstream media is ignoring the story.

“The reason why is they’re controlled by the liberals,” Zaun said. “This is the reason why newspapers’, the liberal ones, subscription rates are in the tank.”

Zaun said he refers to The Des Moines Register as the Des Moines Star due to how they report.

“They give their version,” Zaun said.

He said few media options report just the facts.

“A lot of people get upset with the President of the United States and his frustration with the liberal media, but the fact is they were not happy about the outcome of the election and they’re doing everything to bring that person down,” Zaun said.

Zaun said conservatives are plastered on the front page of the newspaper when they get in trouble while may liberals are on page 10 or not in the paper at all.

“I’m sorry to be so hard on the Des Moines Register, but the facts are the facts,” he said.

Jacob Hall

Author: Jacob Hall