It is hard to know when it started, but there seems to unanimous consent among conservatives that the media is no friend to conservatism. Maybe it’s because of this, from Sept. 5, 1993…

“A gerontocratic Ronald Reagan took this (AIDS) plague less seriously than Gerald Ford had taken swine flue. After all, he didn’t need the ghettos and he didn’t want the gays.” — CBS’s John Leonard on “Sunday Morning.”

Or maybe it was…

“Corporations pay public relations firms millions of dollars to contrive the kind of grassroots response that (Jerry) Falwell or Pat Robertson can galvanize in a televised sermon. Their followers are largely poor, uneducated and easy to command.” — Washington Post reporter Michael Weisskopf, Feb. 1, 1993.

Fast forward to today and we fail to find many mainstream conservative news alternatives. That’s where we come in.

We are “The Iowa Standard.”

Sure, we slant to the right. But by no means are we beholden to the Republican Party. And we will be more than willing to present the Democrats’ side of an argument. We will report Iowa political news fairly and we will be your reliable source of information.

We will likely upset Republicans as much as we upset Democrats. But we’ll always report truth.

At “The Iowa Standard,” we don’t have a Republican standard or a Democrat standard. Our standard is truth.

We aim to provide you with a service that does not exist — a full-time conservative news website covering all political things in Iowa.

We won’t be able to do it without your help! Do you know a business owner who might be willing to advertise on our website? Send us their information at [email protected]

Are you someone who values fair, honest news? Would you be willing to support us by sending us a check or sign of support here. We want to fund this website through advertisers, grassroots activists and perhaps a wire service with newspapers throughout the state.

We don’t want to place all of our eggs in any one basket. We rely on the support of grassroots political junkies in our state and around our nation so we aren’t beholden to a handful of wealthy folks who want to control the narrative.

At “The Iowa Standard” our supporters control the narrative. And that narrative is truth.

We hope you enjoy our website. Tell your friends, share our stories and visit us daily!

We are excited for this new adventure and can’t wait to have you on our team!