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Since Speaker Pelosi sent Congress home in early August, David Young has been calling on Cindy Axne to tell Pelosi to return Congress to Washington D.C. to get work on COVID-19 relief. Cindy Axne has claimed to “have the ear” of Speaker Pelosi. However, Nancy Pelosi proved that claim false last night when she announced there would be no votes on COVID-19 relief this Saturday.

“Cindy Axne has touted her relationship with Speaker Nancy Pelosi in the past, even telling constituents once she has the ear of the Speaker.  After last night’s announcement it’s apparent that claim is false,” said campaign manager Andy Swanson. “Nancy Pelosi has Cindy Axne’s vote – 94% of the time – but doesn’t take her advice. Iowans are looking for results, especially when it comes to questions regarding further COVID-19 relief which are in the realm of Congress. But it’s clear the only thing this Nancy Pelosi controlled Congress is focused on are political messaging bills and not bills which actually accomplish something. Iowa needs a member of Congress who has a track record of getting things done.”