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From CCI newsletter:

Last Monday, more than 100 of us showed up to Des Moines City Hall to support a ban on racial profiling by the DMPD. Due to a heavy agenda, we waited hours before we were allowed to speak before the City Council.

It was nearly 9 PM when racial justice team members Veola Perry, Matthea Little Smith, Diann Walls-Kipper, and Laural Clinton stood up to speak. They shared their perspectives on racial profiling, childhood trauma, and its lasting effects into adulthood.

Three students from Hubbell Elementary – Sabine Carlson, Comfort Toluwalse, and Devonte Labiche – shared their own stories and presented their petition to the City Council. They collected more than 127 signatures to ban racial profiling.

Stay tuned for next steps: as the City drafts an ordinance, we will keep pressure on to make sure it is an ordinance with teeth! We will not wait for another generation to grow up before we act to end this policing tactic and make our communities safer.


Author: Press Release