Cisgender privilege? LGBT advocate Sen. Giddens states men will never have periods,

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Sen. Eric Giddens is one of the most vocal supporters for LGBT issues in the Iowa Senate. In fact, in 2019 it was Giddens and his wife, Kendra Wohlert, who were on video cleaning up after an event outside a junior high during which they handed out rainbow stickers to students as they arrived at school.

While there are factions of the LGBTQ movement who support ideas such as putting tampons in men’s bathrooms, Giddens may not be one of them. During floor debate on Iowa’s proposed abortion neutrality amendment, he said:

“Moreover, as a man that will never have a period, have to worry about missing a birth control pill and will never have to carry a pregnancy…”

In this brief moment, is it revealed that Giddens believes in gender norms such as men not having periods, not using birth control pills and not being able to get pregnant? Is gender no longer fluid?

Or was it just a convenient time to revert back to basic biology?

Jacob Hall

Author: Jacob Hall