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David Young is running for Iowa’s Third Congressional District. For more information about his candidacy, visit here.

What is the purpose of government:

Taught to us at an early age and widely accepted, there are generally four purposes of government – creating laws, maintaining civil society, protecting the citizenry from threats, and establishing public services.  However, it is essential, too, and of utmost importance  – the government should protect, defend, and ensure our freedoms, rights, and liberties in the Constitution and allow them to be exercised without retaliation.

What issues do you consider non-negotiable:

Our Bill of Rights and liberties guaranteed by the Constitution.

What one thing would you most like to accomplish should you earn a seat in Congress:

A big priority of mine and many others is going to be rebuilding and strengthening the economy.  We need to get businesses opened up, employers hiring again, workers bringing home a paycheck, and investors investing again.  We need to create an economic atmosphere so entrepreneurs, investors, business owners, and workers know what the playing field is and what the laws and rules are so they have a level of certainty and ability to operate successfully.

I am concerned about our debt and would like to see a Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution.  Aside from a physical threat from a foreign enemy, our national debt is a security threat.  I have cosponsored and voted for a Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution, and I will continue to do so.

What, if anything, would you do to strengthen religious liberty at the federal level:

I want to make sure houses of worship across the religious spectrum are free to preach and practice their faith without intimidation, threat, or intrusion by the federal government.  As well, I want to help ensure those in the military are free to exercise their faith by helping to ensure religious chaplains in the military are free to pray with service members and talk about faith in counseling settings and other appropriate circumstances.

There are efforts to increase the federal gas tax 25 cents a mile, is this something you’d support:

Now is not the right time to increase the federal fuel tax.  I support, and have always supported, ensuring those using our bridges and roads are helping to pay into the system for their construction and maintenance.  This does not always happen, particularly when it comes to newer vehicles using new technologies and fuels.  I am committed to working with others to protect the integrity of the Highway Trust Fund, and doing so ensures all users pay into the fund before considering an increase in the federal gas tax.

How do you suggest balancing the budget and working toward elimination of the national debt:

Over the years, congresses and presidents have struck budget deals to try and curb spending and bend down the deficits and debt curves. But they never stick, because new congresses and new presidents come along and pass new budgetary agreements and set new laws into place, which then eventually change and change and change again with new congresses and presidents.  So, I’ve learned the best and only way to really have any fiscal discipline is to pass a Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution. Forty-nine states, by state statute or state constitutional amendments have to balance their budgets. This needs to be done at the federal level, too.  I have voted for a Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution and I will continue to do so.

Also, we need to increase revenue to the federal treasury. The best way to do this is to reduce taxes for individuals and businesses. This allows new investments in the economy and the creation of new job openings, and therefore, new workers who pay taxes. This is the best way to increase revenue – by growing the economy. And new revenue should be prioritized to pay down deficits and the national debt.

Are there any scenarios where you would support a pathway to citizenship and/or amnesty for any illegal immigrants in America:

I have voted for a pathway to citizenship for those identified under Deferred Action Childhood Arrivals – basically known as ‘Dreamers’ – who are non-felons. This provision was not a stand-alone bill, it was in a larger bill which also included ending the visa lottery, tightening chain migration to the nuclear family, establishing an E-Verify system, and providing funding for the border (including wall funding).  This was a compromise bill I supported. This pathway was for those who basically came over as a child under a parent or guardian and not necessarily under their own control or choice.  Some of these today are our neighbors, teachers, small business owners, and even in the military who swore an oath to defend the Constitution, the United States, and her people.

Do you believe sanctuary cities are a danger to the citizens who live in them and what, if anything, would you do in Congress to either encourage or discourage sanctuary city policies:

I oppose Sanctuary Cities. In Congress, I voted for the No Sanctuary for Criminals Act. This bill withheld federal grants from cities that prohibited staff and police officers from notifying Homeland Security and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) if they took someone into custody who was in the country illegally.  The bill also included the language of a bill I wrote called “Sara’s Law” which would have required ICE to take custody of someone in the country illegally and charged with a crime resulting in death or bodily injury.

What federal action would you support in terms of climate change, if any:

To understand this issue best, I talk to farmers and climatologists to get a real perspective.  And regardless of how one defines climate change and wherever the debate goes, in the mean time I will continue to just push for incentivizing the production and use of renewable fuels – bio-fuels, geothermal, solar, wind, hydro, nuclear – energies and promoting research and development of new technologies is going to be what helps drive a cleaner environment – from land, water, to air.  I have a voting record and public record advocating for incentivizing the production and use of renewable fuels. Public opinion and markets eventually are the best avenues to get to a cleaner environment – which is what everyone wants.

We are leading in new technologies and new fuel and energies and practices in the world.  We need, also, not find ourselves in agreements and treaties with other counties where we are paying for the carbon sins of other countries without enforcement or penalties on those  countries for not taking serious action to reduce their carbon footprint and pollution which they’ve agreed to.

Would you support any red flag gun legislation:

Many states are implementing what are known as ‘red flag’ laws or Extreme Risk Protect Orders. Their intentions are to reduce gun violence and keep guns out of the hands of those some believe may be a threat to themselves or others.  However, while this may be well-intended, there are real questions surrounding the constitutionality of these types of laws and orders. I have serious concerns with and oppose these kinds of proposals because of the lack of due process and a Constitutional framework. The right to keep and bear arms is an individual right in the Second Amendment. The Constitution and due process must be applied if there is any action against anyone as to whether or not they should possess a firearm.

Give a general rundown of your American foreign policy:

Foreign policy is primarily driven through the Presidency and Executive Branch.  However, Congress does have a role in funding foreign policy goals, programs, and objectives of the country it agrees upon with the Executive Branch. And it’s also important Congress performs the proper oversight of Executive Branch agencies to ensure the effectiveness of their operations and goals.

That being said, we obviously want to always ensure the security of America and the safety of her people. This involves ensuring we have the strongest and most capable and ready military in the world – with the goal of not having to use it and ensuring peace through strength.

When there are problems internationally, we want to encourage dialogue and diplomacy first and work with other countries we are allies or have interests with to try and solve these international problems – especially when they are a threat to our security and safety.  However, should there be a need for military force, seeking allied support and not going at it alone is preferred.  Going at it alone still may – in hopefully the rarest of cases – be justified regardless if we believe the security of our nation and safety of our people are at risk

We want to encourage democratic principles, freedom, and human rights in other countries. We can do that through economic and security leverage – primarily trade, and not nation building.  Deepening a relationship with another country through trade can help maintain peace between those trading nations and develop economic security between both countries.

Do you support term limits for Congress:

I believe in freedom.  And I don’t want to restrict anyone’s right to support and vote for someone they want to represent them in an elected legislative position in government.  We essentially have term limits, the terms of a member can be limited through elections. It’s up to the people at the ballot box. Also, term limits can render further power to those unelected career civil servants embedded in an agency or department whose power is increased and imposed with no accountability where they simply ignore and wait out members who are term-limited.

What are your thoughts on the Electoral College:

I support the Electoral College wholeheartedly.  It must be protected and preserved.  It ensures smaller states – such as Iowa – have a voice when it comes to being heard by presidential candidates and can influence presidential elections.  It ensures presidential candidates pay attention to Iowa and the principles, issues, and policies vital to us.  Without it, Iowa would rarely – if ever – be visited by a presidential candidate.

What issue can you envision working with Democrat members of Congress on right away:

There is an expectation by Iowans for a level of bi-partisanship and principled compromise between parties.  I know this, because I’ve expected it from public officials here in Iowa, and because I’ve been involved as a Member of Congress in building relationships across the aisle to accomplish goals.  I know there are some deep partisan divides between the left and right and Republicans and Democrats – and many differences are based on real principles and convictions of philosophy and not politics.  But there are many areas where I’ve been involved in bipartisan negotiations and compromise.  Compromise has a different meaning to different people. To me it doesn’t mean you’re giving up your principles or values or convictions – it just means one may not get everything one wants, but you get enough of what you can be satisfied with.  Some of the specific issues I’ve worked on in Congress with Democrats have included renewable fuels, veterans, telecommunications, bio-security, disability, education, and climate issues.

What excites you most about possibly representing Iowa in Congress:

What I look forward to is Iowa having a voice again. The current representative is not a leader and is ineffective.  I know how and where to make sure Iowa’s voice is heard in the U.S. Congress.  I’ve done it before.  I’ll do it again.  But right now, Iowa has no voice  The issues and principles important to the Third District are not being advocated for or heard.  So, I’m excited about our voice being heard again and leading for the people in this Third Congressional District.  I’m also excited about winning these other Congressional seats in Iowa and what that means. The pathway to get the gavel out of Nancy Pelosi’s hands and into Republican control goes through Iowa – every district in Iowa.  So, I’m looking forward to a GOP House and Senate working together with – and not against – President Trump and delivering policies of opportunity, security, prosperity, and freedom to Iowans.