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Early this morning I was texting with a prominent friend who was discussing the Iowa Caucus headaches on national TV. They asked what I thought was happening.

“I think there is a result they didn’t want,” I wrote them. “I think Biden tanked and they are scrambling like mad.”

Biden is viewed as the lone hope for Democrats to knock off President Donald Trump. But there were clues all along that Monday’s caucus wasn’t going to go well for Iowa Democrats.

For instance, the Des Moines Register decided not to release its final poll due to a rare error. I don’t buy it.

Combine that with the current situation, and it stinks to high heaven.

Biden’s camp was quick to criticize the process. CNN reported that the Biden campaign may seek a court injunction to halt this afternoon’s release of the Iowa Caucus results. Biden’s campaign is already questioning the integrity of the results before any results are being released.

I think all of this is an effort to cause concern with the integrity of the results and to buy time for Biden to build momentum in New Hampshire.

But I think Biden did terrible last night. I wouldn’t be shocked if he finished fifth, behind Bernie, Buttigieg, Warren and Klobuchar.

Last night I thought this was probably too much of a conspiracy theory to publish. But with the events of today, and with Biden’s campaign putting forth the ideas they are, I’m not so sure it’s far fetched.