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It is unlikely the media will ever ask any of the candidates running for office in 2020 these five questions, but voters deserve to know the answers. These are five foundational questions that every person running for office should be required to answer in 2020.

  1. At what point do you believe life begins and what should be done to protect it at that point?
  2. Do you believe a private business owner should be compelled by the state (government) to provide goods/services for an event that runs contrary to their deeply held religious beliefs?
  3. Do you believe inmates should be held in a jail consistent with their actual gender/sex or the gender with which they “identify?”
  4. Do you believe biological males should be able to compete against biological females if they say they identify as a female?
  5. Do you believe parents should have a choice when it comes to vaccinations for their children?


Do you believe it is appropriate for government officials to be able to order churches not hold in-person worship services?

Every single one of these questions is relevant. Every single one is timely.

But not one will be asked — especially of Democrats.

These are a handful of questions that are simple, yet will reveal everything voters really need to know about a candidate’s worldview.

Some of the questions may seem silly, but they are all built on a premise embraced by some candidates, and one political party, already.

If the media were truly interested in informing voters, which is supposed to be its job, it would ask questions like this.

But they probably won’t, because it will reveal a certain level of extremism from their preferred side that they’d rather hide.

And in doing so, we all lose.

***What question(s) do you think every candidate should answer in 2020? Feel free to submit them. Email us at***

Jacob Hall

Author: Jacob Hall