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The Iowa Senate Transportation Committee passed a pair of bills on Wednesday.

Senate File 2026 relates to special registration license plates referred to as Flying Our Colors. The money would be extra dollars marked for the flood mitigation fund.

“This is somewhat of a reminder to people that there are flood issues around the state and it pretty much happens all of the time,” said Sen. Tom Shipley. “It’s an attractive plate. It may not be as popular as the black ones, but this I think will be a way to generate some money and it does not detract from the road-use tax fund.”

Just a few hours after passing subcommittee, Senate Study Bill 3101 advanced through the full committee. It’s an act that requires any governmental entity which exercises jurisdiction over a highway to construct and maintain rumble strips on certain highways. Rumble strips would be required in advance of all stop signs and traffic-control signals located on a highway where the highway enters or crosses a state highway.

“Family and friends want something positive to come out of this tragedy,” said Sen. Tim Kapucian. “It’s a good bill. I think it’s something we need to proceed with. As one of our county supervisors said, it’s another startling point on our roads just to bring that attention home — that there’s something coming up ahead, especially if you’re not familiar with the road.”

Emily Madsen was a friend and roommate of Baylee Hess, who was killed in an accident on Thanksgiving weekend on Highway 30.

“She was an astounding human,” Madsen said. “We all want something good and positive to come out of this. We’re hoping to impact others’ lives and saving friends and families from having the same heartache.”

Jacob Hall

Author: Jacob Hall