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Governor Kim Reynolds announced her appointment of Coleman McAllister as a district court judge in Judicial Election District 5C. McAllister currently serves as an assistant attorney general in the Area Prosecutions Division of the Iowa Attorney General’s Office.

McAllister previously served as the Sioux County Attorney in Orange City, Iowa.

Shortly after Iowa’s Supreme Court forced the state to recognize same-sex marriages, McAllister told the Sioux County Recorder that if she did not process applications for same-sex couples, she would be removed from office.

Anita Van Bruggen, the county recorder, said allowing same-sex couples to marry goes against her religious beliefs. McAllister did not care.

“Where I come from, we try to follow the law, even if we don’t like it,” he said.

McAllister received praise for that stance from Bleeding Heartland.

“Good for McAllister,” Bleeding Heartland wrote. “His statement may seem unremarkable, but Sioux County is the most Republican county in Iowa. I’m talking really crazy conservative territory.”