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***This is the first edition of our look at “higher education” in Iowa’s universities. This is just some of what college professors espouse on social media, which begs the question, what is said in the classroom? If you know of other college professors who fit this mold, feel free to let us know at***

Brian Behnken is an associate professor of history and Latino studies. He’s also affiliate faculty of African and African American studies.

A quick search of Behnken’s Twitter feed revealed:

Congressman Steve King is a “white supremacist.”

If he were writing a book on the Trump presidency, his title would be something like “Diarrhea: A History of the Republican Party under Trump.”

As a bonus, he refers to “crazy orange racists.”

He complained about Trump wanting to use the National Guard for immigration enforcement.

And, he retweeted an article that “exposes” how Trump is exploiting COVID-19 to “advance xenophobia.”

In addition, Behnken has been critical of Iowa State administration.

And, a little jab at those racist white men from history.

Jacob Hall

Author: Jacob Hall