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A couple of weeks ago The Iowa Standard reported the strong opposition from the Iowa Association of School Boards when it comes to informing parents about instruction on gender identity or sexual orientation. If you missed it, read it here!

After learning about the group’s strong opposition to that bill, The Iowa Standard reached out to the group to learn more.

Tammy Votava, the communications director for IASB, said that the group is a nonprofit membership association that serves Iowa public school boards. It provides resources, services and training, and advocates at the Capitol on behalf of public education.

Members are engaged by the Iowa Association of School Boards in a “legislative grassroots process.”

As for this particular bill, Votava said the group opposed the bill for two reasons.

“As written, it is not feasible to implement,” she said. “And parents already have avenues to engage with school boards on curricular issues through district policy.”

The majority of the Iowa Association of School Boards funding comes from dues and fees for services provided to members. Members include 324 public school boards, nine area education agencies and the Iowa Association of Community College Trustees.

The Iowa Standard reached out to the Auditor’s office to confirm that the organization receives taxpayer dollars.

“The answer is yes,” said Andrew Turner, public information officer. “They receive money from school districts, which is taxpayer money.”

Jacob Hall

Author: Jacob Hall