Iowans respond to Black Lives Matter with fundraiser for Boone PD

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Different Black Lives Matter groups have popped up in various Iowa communities. Boone is one example.

Rule No. 1 for Black Lives Matter – Boone is simple:

“Under no circumstance promote law enforcement or engage in pro-police or all lives matter rhetoric. We support the abolishment of police…”

There will be more to come about this group, but instead of focusing on the negative, there’s a positive story to share.

Some locals decided to show their support for the police department. Todd Rasmussen, his wife Amy, as well as Annie Cook decided to promote positivity for police while raising money for the Boone PD.

Todd Rasmussen told The Iowa Standard that two city council members joined Black Lives Matter Boone when it came to town. The members said they hadn’t read the rules and did not realize the group was calling for the defunding of police.

“We decided to start a little fundraiser for our police department with the signs and then another woman wanted to jump on, Annie, and do the shirts,” Todd said. “It just kind of escalated from there.”

Rasmussen speculated the money may be used for something in the community, perhaps bolstering the shop-with-a-cop event.

“It’s their choice,” he said. “They can use it for what they want to use it for. We’re not going to have any input on that.

“I get tired of our men and women in blue getting put down and discriminated against basically because, you know, there are always one or two bad apples in every crowd. Black Lives Matter needs to look at it that way and not always think that every police officer is a bad person. We’ve had no problem with racism in this town with our police department. So I don’t know why they wanted to attack our police department and attack Boone for any reason, except for maybe the Trump wall uptown.”

Jacob Hall

Author: Jacob Hall