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Parents of public school children at Pleasant Valley High School have expressed concern over the social media posts of a high school teacher.

Ann Berger is listed as a social studies teacher at Pleasant Valley. The posts were made on an “Annie Bee’s” Facebook account. The Iowa Standard contacted the Pleasant Valley School Board as well as high school principal to ask if they were aware of the posts.

Nikhil Wagle, the president of the board, said the district and the board are aware of the posts. Wagle said since it is a personnel matter, it is being dealt with in a confidential manner.

We reached out to the email address listed for Berger on the Pleasant Valley High School website, but have not heard from Berger. The Facebook account for Annie Bee has been tightened up substantially since Saturday.

The concern is over the following Facebook posts from Annie Bee. In one post, Bee wrote:

“You fucking right to life fuckers who voted for Kim Reynolds can fuck off. She is awful. So are you. Fuck Iowa. Fuck you Iowans who still support her.”

She made another post shortly after:

“I’m back, fuckers. Also, stop saying that you will homeschool. The money per child will not go to public schools. Districts will have to provide an online option. Take that option and stay home. You go for the homeschool option, and the governor and the rest of her repugnants will get what they have been seeking in Iowa for years: to completely destroy public schools. Don’t you think that this exactly what they are seeking?”

In a comment, Bee said “these fuckers thinking that they can do what teachers can. Fuck that. (Aren’t I eloquent today? I have no more fucks to give.)”

Berger has previously spoken out over gun violence.

“To Senators (Chuck) Grassley and (Joni) Ernst, I say to you, while not in nice but precise language, look at the carnage you have caused through the repeal of restrictions on gun ownership. You and your murderous colleagues should be forced to take a field trip to the war-torn hallways and sidewalks of every mass shooting in the United States.

“You have blood on your hands shed from the children and teachers that you have murdered. And you cannot hide them by putting them in your pockets, pockets lined with money from the NRA, money you used to abort the lives of our children and teenagers and the adults in our public schools across this country.”

The full video is available here.

Jacob Hall

Author: Jacob Hall