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Now that the Iowa legislature has adjourned, evil clearly won this round. Baphomet is still allowed free access to the Capitol, Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation is still in the Iowa Civil Rights Code, and wicked transgenderism is still safely in command over children. So much for a Republican Party majority. Apparently, elections do not have consequences if you’re an Iowa Republican. Now we’re off to draft our 2024 Iowa GOP platform which will never see the light of enacted legislation beyond the convention because of our strong suits of appeasement and cowardness.

I am saddened to see Representatives Brad Sherman and Luana Stoltenberg leaving the House after one term. Thank you both for your service. I applaud Representative Jeff Shipley for his efforts against evil and Senator Adrian Dickey for his courage to rip down that gay rainbow flag from the mast at the Des Moines VA. As a Marine, I salute you, sir.

America is becoming a literal meat market selling the flesh of human beings and the destroyer of emotions. We sacrifice our posterity on the altar of choice, indoctrinate survivors of the womb with DEI and CRT, and then bury them under an unsustainable national debt. Lawmakers permitting the next generation to suffer these atrocities is tantamount to Dr. Kevorkian assisting national suicide. Are these really the American values that draw people to this country?

Humanity has split into two basic but diametrically opposed groups: Good and Evil. Such is the composition of immigration and those profiting from it. There are good people from around the world who have heard of the American Dream and have a genuine desire to find it. It is no different than Dorothy from Kansas following the yellow brick road searching for the Land of Oz or patriarch Abraham looking for a city whose maker and builder was his Hebrew God. All human beings are intuitively driven to seek something greater than themself. But some are takers and others are givers.

The path, however, is land mined with unforeseen evil. There are pits, snares and ambushes; dangers and calamities to be contended with along the way. Good will encounter evil during the journey.

Good people with sincere hopes of finding the American Dream errantly place their trust in the wrong people.

A traveler will seek a travel agency or a trip planner for advice and directions. But little do they know; the agency or planner is the gateway to hell. The traveler trusts the contact. They have no reason not to. Everything looks credible and legit on the outside.

A nominal fee, let’s say $1,500, is paid directly to the agency per person. Then a travel guide or coyote from the local cartel is assigned to the traveler. If the traveler has a family, they are instructed to split up “temporarily” until they get across the border. Safety and security to get past border patrol are explained as reasons.

Once the guide gets the traveler across the border, they are stopped at a safe house to contact a relative. Arrangements to make contact and continue travel will require another fee of $1,500. The first payment was to get from Point A to Point B. Now, not mentioned earlier, to get from Point B to Point C will cost more in this smuggling scam.

Delays are unacceptable with the cartel.

There will be interest to be satisfied for the delay such as sex. It doesn’t matter if male or female. The evil cartel will exact interest from each aside from the nominal fees. If payment and compliance is refused, life can get a little rough, possibly terminal.

Payment to the cartel will be made. Females will enter the sex trade and work fifteen jobs a day. Males will have their organs harvested – another lucrative business.

During the torturous journey, the expectations of finding the American Dream fade away into the horror of day-by-day survival. The traveler just became the product of an evil ploy of drug smuggling, human trafficking, organ harvesting or child sex trade. It’s all about power and profits of the cartel that pay off politicians and appointed officials in both political parties.

There is no news or accurate information along the way, just lies.

All the hardships are blamed on someone else – like Donald Trump. The real objective is hidden from the person being escorted to the Promised Land as well as the inhabitants of the host country. The cartel and human traffickers burn both ends from the middle. The cartel has bought RINOs, Democrats, judges, federal agencies, and law enforcement in the host country.

But the physical manifestation of evil has to originate from somewhere in the spiritual realm.

The spiritual entity orchestrating the pain and suffering is Lucifer and his three unclean spirits of Ba’al, Molech, and Ishtar. Abuse of every kind, every imaginable head game, is perpetrated by the destroyer of life and liberty. In the Iowa Capitol, the destroyer has manifested as Baphomet. He is the god of Iowa government.

It should take no longer than five minutes for your representative or senator to declare which side they are on. It should take no more than another day to take decisive action to shut down any and all operations and execute the guilty.

Yes, I mean put to death those who have kidnapped, murdered, or were involved in this barbarism. It’s time for evil to fear God.

And I’m not talking about taking the high road or saying all the right words and all that nonsense. Those involved with this have already sold their soul to the devil and life is too heavy of a burden for them to carry. Get a noose around their neck or lined up against a wall and remove that heavy burden. I don’t care. People like that who have no concern for the lives of the innocent should forfeit their lives immediately.

If a representative or senator cannot do that or is unwilling to fix this in a day, then they are part of the problem. That politician is a derelict protecting the cartel and evil rather than protecting the innocent.

Political treason, aiding and abetting the human trafficking criminal cartel element, or other crimes against this state should carry a death sentence. Anything less is allowing these heinous criminals to continue. Political treason against life and liberty is aiding and abetting Woke policies to continue destroying innocent children and women in libraries, schools, and colleges. We must, and should, demand more from those who swore an oath to God and the People.

If those elected to protect the innocent cannot do the job of protecting from evil, do not be surprised if the Supreme Being recognized in the preamble of our Iowa Constitution has to step in. I would assert we will see the biggest act of discrimination we could ever imagine put on display. “Although they know God’s righteous decree that those who do such things deserve death, they not only continue to do these very things but also approve [encourage, applaud, consent] of those who practice them” (Romans 1:32, NIV). Read all of Romans Chapter 1 for context.

  • Rick Phillips


  1. Rick very good man and exactly how I feel about it!!!!
    GOOD VS EVIL. WE HAVE TO WIN OR WE LOSE. People have to WAKE UP and vote for TRUMP enough about Trump did this or said that we have to come together and it’s not D vs R either.
    I have been watching votes from out so called REPS (and I use that term lightly) and their votes are PATHETIC and do the American people a dishonor.

  2. Thank you, Rick. Very well said!! I moved from San Diego to Iowa in hopes of finding a government that is not like California. Sadly, I find it worse. At least California’s legislators are doing what their constituents want. Republicans are doing what the democrats want. I’m so disgusted.

    I was a delegate at my local convention and at my district’s convention. It’s all so disgusting that none of the platform will be put into law by our government (except maybe the reaffirming of our commitment to Israel). Iowans need to wake up. Most people believe because it’s red, it’s fine. It’s not!!


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