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General Dwight Eisenhower was more than a hero, he was a legend.

He led the allied forces to victory in WWll and Americans from that era who produced the fighting force became known as the ‘Greatest Generation’, they literally saved the world.

But Eisenhower wasn’t done.

He went on to become a popular two-term president who gave us the interstate highway system, founded NASA, admitted Alaska and Hawaii as states and much more.

He was a Republican.

It’s admirable when military veterans choose to continue serving our country in public office.

Iowa has two female former Army officer veterans in our delegation to the U.S. Capitol.

Senator Joni Ernst and 1st Congressional Representative Mariannette Miller-Meeks were elected to office under the Republican banner.

But not all veterans make good Republicans.

In their 20-plus years of service, surely these two would have been exposed to the Military Code of Conduct, established by President Eisenhower.

Simply put, the code is a guide to ethical behavior when confronted by the enemy.

Both Ernst and Miller-Meeks have voted with Democrats on occasions, like the same-sex marriage and the national debt ceiling.

Republicans also have a ‘code of conduct’ known as the Republican Party Platform that’s put together and amended by delegates selected from We the People.

The platform is a guide for elected legislators that details expectations for their constituents.

At a town hall with Joni Ernst, she was asked what besides same-sex marriage and the national debt in the Republican Platform does she not agree with.

She started by saying she supports a balanced budget then went into left field to explain her vote for same-sex marriage ending with “I’m proud of my vote.”

Pressed again with the question what else in the platform doesn’t she agree with, her response was “I don’t think anything.”

Not very assuring, like maybe she isn’t familiar with the Republican Platform.

If you don’t consider Democrats the enemy, think back to the 1860s when they tried to overthrow the government to keep their slaves.

Think about 1957 when Arkansas Governor Orval Faubus, a Democrat, ordered the National Guard to stop black students from entering a high school.

President Eisenhower sent federal troops to Arkansas to enforce a court ruling that segregation was unconstitutional.

And if you don’t remember that, think about when Barack Hussein Obama said “Whatever we once were, we are no longer a Christian Nation” and he promised to ‘Fundamentally transform America.’

Ernst says she works tirelessly to lead the fight to hold Biden accountable and says Joe is an awful failure.

Miller-Meeks ripped Biden for his Afghanistan withdrawal saying it will be remembered as a disastrous event, one of the most significant foreign policy blunders in American history. It cost 13 military lives and lost $80 Billion in U.S. military equipment.

This after they provided aid and comfort to the enemy by voting with Biden his democrats, encouraging their policies.

I would stand in line to thank both Ernst and Miller-Meeks for their military service but they aren’t a good fit for my foxhole.

Leland Graber


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