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Yep. I’m gonna keep on keepin’ on hollering about our current situation and the Constitution.

Anyone remember the words “render onto Caesar what is Caesar’s”?

Let me ask you pastors and Christians this? Is the church Caesars? What about the admonition of not forsaking the gathering together? Yes, I am aware of where one or two are gathered and that a building isn’t necessary to worship. Reducing person to person contact also reduces empathy towards that person. Think about that when deeper tyranny strikes. Snitching on a friend, neighbor, even family will be easier because the deep emotional attachment has been removed. Study upon it.

So what about when pastors have followed Caesar’s guidelines and they are still arrested or threatened with arrest? That is tyranny and violation of Constitutional rights.  Look it up.  Nope. Not going to make it easy for you by giving you the reference. That’s your homework. Doing for yourself makes those lessons stick better.

Why are not more citizens, and especially politicians, claiming to be Constitutionalists, not sounding the alarm that we are all living under tyranny to one degree or another? Which should we pay more attention to? Words? Actions?

Some others question, too. https://www.falkirkcenter.com/…/charlie-kirk-will-christi…/…

I probably won’t gain any friends, and perhaps politicians will want to steer clear of me in the future. Do I care? Nope.

I DO care about how precious, fragile, and endangered our beloved country now is. I DO care about all the military that has put it on the line and now watch it all disappear with a mere stroke of a pen. And most people and politicians are silent. Do they even care?  Instead,  “The Sound of Silence”.

The sounds that we do hear is as a bunch of chickens cackling and cowering in a corner. We know what happens to those chickens.

With the above negatives said, let’s look for the rainbow, hopefully, behind this dark cloud of tyranny, socialism, police state, communism whatever name you want to call it. It’s all the same in the end.

Could this be a wake-up call, especially for Christians? Could this be a wake-up call about the warnings in the Book of Revelation? If you’re not Christian, at least read and understand what may be your future. Your choice. I’ll love you just the same.

Could this be a wake-up call to give us a foretaste of the plans for socialism by a certain political party?

Could this be a wake-up call for the snowflake generation of which so many of them are demanding socialism because all they can see is the ‘free stuff’ and living off the gov’t teat? That it isn’t so much fun after all with the restrictions and theft of rights we now have?

Could this be a reset for the country?

Let’s hope and pray this will only be temporary. Let’s hope and pray that everything taken from us will be fully restored.

Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds has given her word. Governors have a very fine line to walk. We can see the emotional and mental toll it is taking on some. Sadly, there are other governors and law enforcement that by all appearances relish their newfound power.

Fortunately, some and at least one state legislature, have woken up a bit. Let’s pray more do.

Perhaps we need to get back to the voice of reason. Common sense. Freedom of choice. Those that are fearful, ill, let them remain in their homes. But let’s not shut down businesses, destroy livelihoods, many of which will never fully recover. Those lives are endangered even more. Calls to various crisis lines have rocketed. Suicides are beginning. Why aren’t those numbers being tracked? They are just as deadly.

Let’s not live in a spirit of fear. Fear cripples. Fear stymies.  Fear fogs the mind.  Fear manipulates. Fear steals.

Iowa you can express your opinion on to shelter in place (basically house arrest) or to not shelter in place. Call (515)-281-5211, press 1 for the shelter-in-place question, then 1 for In Favor or 2 for Against a shelter-in-place order. You may also leave your opinion.

Pray for all the governors and the president and team for wisdom. This should cross all party lines. The Constitution does not recognize party lines.

– Betsy Fickel