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Iowa landowners constantly have to fight to keep their land. They fight transmission line land grabs for government-pushed wind turbines and solar installations. They have their land taken for liquid petroleum, natural gas, anhydrous ammonia, crude oil and other highly volatile liquid pipelines such as the newly introduced CO2 pipelines that are strongly opposed.

Imagine your neighbors being granted permission from the government to take part of your business or property against your will. Sure, landowners are given a check for the land taken yet land is needed to grow crops. One could reinvest that money into new land but now a landowner will be competing for near land with all the neighboring farms also seeking to reinvest their money. This will drive up land prices and rent prices further reducing the supposedly fair price given for the land taken.

Farmers need too to be concerned about the possibility of having to pay capital gains on checks received for land which could wipe out much of the increase  from the money gained.
Land that has been used to install projects then given back to the farmer to grow crops on will often not produce well because the top soils are mixed with the base layers and compacted by construction. Projects also add hazard to farming which is already considered one of the most hazardous industries in the world.
Projects often do not allow farmers to cross their construction area which can impede the movement of cattle operations. Fieldwork is inhibited as farmers bear the burden of driving around these invasive projects which increases time spent and raises fuel costs.
Legislators and government groups making rules for these projects are likely to be those who do not farm and can only see open farmland as undeveloped. They cannot see how taking some land, a little here, a little there can hurt these businesses. What developers of these projects see is the easy access, rock-free, tree-free land that farmers have carefully landscaped and maintained over decades.
Governments also tend to believe in Climate Change. They believe that much of this taking of land is indeed for the public use. They think if we don’t build infrastructure over the entire U.S. landscape that our world will end. To them, threatening the livelihoods of thousands of farmers is nothing compared to the loss of all life on Earth. How do farmers stand a chance for fairness against such twisted ideology? Politicians who do not believe in Climate Change tend to believe that that any increase in money is good. If the Federal government takes money from all people and “gives” it to projects in your own state somehow that is “good”. This leads governments to embrace the money rather than protect the rights of their citizens.
Government officials also tend not to consider what God thinks anymore. They do not consider that “Love thy neighbor as thyself” applies to them. They do not consider that God made the fuels that are now considered evil or dirty. They do not consider that God does not need anyone’s “help” with the climate. They do not consider that the money taken by the government from the people should not be used against the people.
Yes, it is about God, it has never been about anything else. It is about where you put your faith. If you put your faith in God, you will not fear the climate, if you put your faith in God, you will not fear death, if you put your faith in God instead of money, He will be the source of your provision. Fearing Climate Change, using government policies to steal from your neighbor for greed’s sake all fly in the face of the commandments of God. There is no excuse. All these things show that a person has no faith in God and it is impossible to please Him without faith. This world is passing away and the Bible tells us how it will end. Our relationship with God and how a person treated their neighbor will be worth exponentially more than any bank account, position of power, education degree or precept of men when we stand in front of Him.


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