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Are you, as a pet owner, in danger of becoming an endangered species?

The possibility is looming strong on the horizon with SF 369 and HSB 114 currently in play and ready for floor debate in the IA legislature. Another bill, SF 57 isn’t real sweet either, just not as in depth nasty.

The real treat with both SF 369 and HSB 114 is the triple whammy. A real bargain, just not for you. Plus there are bonuses. The following is a combination of points of both bills.

Whammy No. 1: You can be charged with a crime even if an animal has NO injury.  Described as an animal’s protracted or permanent disfigurement, impairment to health or function, includes damage to muscle, tissue, organ, skin, bones, hide, loss of function, loss of limb or organ, causes pain. Whew. That’s a whole bunch of free-for-all accusations. Can even be based on vivid imaginations.

Whammy No. 2: Psychological or psychiatric evaluation SHALL be court ordered upon conviction. Only neglect has a provision of exemption ONLY if an animal has no injury.   Something as simple as a scratch. Oops, animal is suffering pain. Or maybe a limp caused by rough housing. Oops, animal is suffering pain.

Whammy No. 3: This is a biggie. “At the time of a person’s sentencing for committing a public offense constituting animal mistreatment, a court SHALL prohibit a person from owning or obtaining custody of an animal or RESIDING in the SAME dwelling where AN animal is kept.” Your Johnnie has a gerbil, your Suzie has a goldfish. Bye. Bye. Depending on which bill you read that mandatory time is between NO LESS than ONE year to NO LESS than TEN years. I.E. Not only will you be punished, but so will your family.

Bonus: You and your family will be ostracized, bullied, harassed, even threatened.  There’s a good chance it will even affect your job or future job abilities. Just ask some dog breeders that have been down this road on trumped up charges. A bit different ownership scenario, very same principal.

Sounds crazy, way out in la la land, tinfoil hat time doesn’t it? Read for yourself. Educate yourself.  Do not just take my or anyone else’s word for it.  You can read the bills here: SF 57, SF 369, and HSB 114.

Do not fall prey to the famous last words, “Won’t happen to me.” Then contact your legislators and respectfully ask for a NO vote on any of these bills, SF 57, SF 369, and HSB 114.


-Betsy Fickel
Garner, IA


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