If you haven’t seen the movie Unplanned yet, make sure to do so. It is a gripping real-life account of life — and the destruction of it — that happens inside the walls of Planned Parenthood.

I had many different thoughts and emotions emerge during the film. And there’s one that I definitely want to focus on in its own article.

Understand Republicans are not perfect. There are times where it is appropriate to not vote for a Republican.

But go watch Unplanned and ask yourself throughout the movie — “how could anyone, ever, vote for a Democrat?”

To be clear, the movie had NOTHING to do with politics.

But the beef I had during this movie is knowing there are Christians — Christian “leaders” even — who encourage people to refuse the idea of being a “single-issue” voter. That pro-life to many Christians just means “pro-birth.” That if we’re truly concerned about “social justice” we would vote Democrat.

All the while the Democrat Party fights for the right to kill unborn babies. The Democrat Party demands public funds for Planned Parenthood. The Democrat Party refuses to stand up for life at the beginning of life, so what difference does it make what it pretends to stand for at any point after that?

Take Abby Johnson, the subject of the movie. She played a part in more than 22,000 abortions. Nothing anyone can do is going to be undo the lives lost in those 22,000 circumstances.



But thankfully Abby saw the light and escaped the darkness.

A large chunk of my frustration during the movie came from knowing many Christians and Christian thought leaders are attempting to drive pro-life Christians (which every true Christian must be, from conception) from the Republican Party (which at times is warranted) and into the Democrat Party (which, as long as protecting abortion is its top priority, is never right).

There are important issues that take place after birth. That is news to no one. Education, agriculture, the economy, energy, gun rights — they all matter to every single one of us.
But they mean absolutely nothing to the more than 60 million unborn babies who were killed in the womb.

Every “justice” issue the Democrats claim to care about means absolutely nothing to those 60 million distinct, individual human beings who had their lives ended prematurely.

And the same can be said of every Republican who refuses to support and stand for life-at-conception legislation.

But let’s be clear, our political system has two major institutions — for better or worse.
One (the Republican Party) defends an unborn child’s right to life — at least in its platform and ideals.

The other (the Democrat Party) has shown a willingness over the years to compromise on things, but rarely (if ever), abortion.

Christians don’t always get what they want from the pro-life political institution. But at least Christians who vote Republican because of their pro-life values aren’t willing to compromise the lives of 60 million unborn children to achieve political gain elsewhere.

They don’t, because that gain — no matter how big or small — could ever make up for the loss of those 60 million lives.

Here’s hoping those Christian thought leaders attempting to turn pro-life voters left go and see Unplanned and get back on the right track. The track that leads to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for all — born and unborn.

Jacob Hall

Author: Jacob Hall