Henry Hewes

Henry Hewes
Henry Hewes first leadership position in politics was as the Chairman of "Students for Rockefeller in Massachusetts". In the late 1960s and early 1970s, he was active in student movements that opposed the draft. He was an active supporter of Ronald Reagan in 1976 and 1980 and was a surrogate speaker for Reagan during this period. Mr. Hewes politics can only be described as electric. His positions on individual issues defy holding him as a liberal or conservative. According to Hewes, the core of his political belief structure flows from his Christian faith.

He is deeply committed to the rights and responsibilities of the individual and at the same time is committed to protecting and caring for the weak and vulnerable. Mr. Hewes is equally committed to the right to life of all human beings. He opposes the death penalty and is a defender of the Right to Life of unborn children. In 1988 Mr. Hewes was the New York State Director of Pat Robertson's Campaign for President and Vice Chair of George Bush Sr's presidential campaign. In 1989, he ran for Mayor of New York City and appeared in the historic debates with Rudy Giuliani and David Dinkins. In 1991, he was a founder of the New York Pro-Life Republican Caucus and in 1994, he ran for US Senate in New York against Pat Monahan and Bernadette Castro.

After a decade of devoting himself to business and charitable activity, Mr. Hewes changed his registration from Republican to Democrat in 2004. He states that his strong opposition to the war in Iraq and to the degradation of civil rights that flowed from the war on terror made it impossible for him to remain a Republican.