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Do you think you still live in a free Republic? I used to think so until last year. Now I have been given an education. An education on our history, on government, on our Constitution and of course Google helps out by sending me mainstream media to show me what they want me to think.

The United States is a socialist country on the verge of communism. The government takes our money and doles that money back to the people, institutions and companies that play the game. This list includes but is not limited to colleges, medical systems, banks, pharmaceuticals and the media/entertainment industries. The people with the money buy the lobbyists to keep policy in their favor. The government does its part by keeping those big corporations fed with incentives, benefits and tax credits.

Those industries then can control the people who work for them through threatening their income stream or standing. This is why we don’t see a lot of people standing up against what is happening. They are scared. Scared people will be ruled. It won’t matter if you are Democrat or Republican.

This is why our country was founded on the Word of God. Without God we are doomed to repeat the mistakes of other countries. We are to depend on God and His Word for the things we desire, not on the government. Our desires are to align with His will. This is also why our country is falling- because we no longer depend on God for anything. We have put our trust in our degrees, our jobs, our government, ourselves….

We lose liberty and righteousness nationally the same way we lose it personally. We desire, we compromise our values and we are enslaved. Once we let the weeds of greed and selfishness start, their roots get deeper and they begin to make seeds, to spread. The US has not been tended. It is a mess. The ONLY way back is by returning to God’s Word, personally and nationally.

If you want to help save our country read the Bible and pray. Tend your own garden. DO NOT let other people tell you what the Bible says. Too many people are helplessly mired in religion, too many people think they know what the scriptures say but o not read them themselves. God is a God of power. He can heal, tell us the future, see into our hearts and change our circumstances in ways we cannot even understand.

George Washington prayed for his troops at Valley Forge. He had been followed by a Mr. Potts who saw the commander on his knees in the snow, tears streaming down his face as he poured out his heart to the Lord. His troops were not ready to take their stand and needed to retreat. The historical account according to Joseph Ashby, AmericanThinker.com tells us,

“The night of the daring retreat, the wind which had stopped the British ships from sailing up the East River suddenly ceased.  The calm made the river-crossing possible.  Despite the favorable conditions, the furious nighttime withdrawal took too long.  With the break of dawn, the British forces would discover the retreating and vulnerable army.  Just in the colonists’ most desperate moment, a dense fog blanketed all of Brooklyn.  The fog was so localized that the other side of the river was clear as midday.  And so the hand of Divine Providence protected Washington’s army, who lived on to fight for seven more years, eventually winning independence.”

Only God could have done that. Right now we need His mercy, we need His power. Let us regain our independence.

Author: Janna Swanson