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State Senator Zach Nunn (R-Altoona) spoke at the Westside Conservatives club in Urbandale on Wednesday, where the lawmaker and Air Force combat veteran received strong support from those in attendance.

Wes Enos, the former Polk County Republican Chairman who attended the breakfast, said he believes Nunn would make a great Congressional candidate in 2020.

“Nunn has energy, strong conservative values, ideas and charisma,” Enos said. “I want to see him take his military experience to Congress in 2020. The guy needs to run.” 

At the meeting, Nunn was clear that a fresh message highlighting economic strength and national security will win in 2020.

“Progressives are circling the wagons around Iowa trying to push the idea of artificial government control, government takeover,” Nunn said to The Iowa Standard. “Our Iowa model is one for the nation to follow — one where local communities get to grow organically and make the decisions best for them.”

Nunn also highlighted his record in the Legislature, where he collaborated with Iowa business owners, families and farmers on a range of policies from the state’s largest-ever tax cut to combating human trafficking and domestic abuse.

“Iowans want to live in a safe state with low taxes, good schools, fast internet, solid infrastructure and real opportunities to make money — and we’ve already made great strides on all of these things. Now we need to get Congress working towards those same goals,” Nunn said.

Nunn is a U.S. Air Force combat veteran, former White House National Security Council member and current State Senator for Iowa Senate District 15.

His service background was well received by the audience as well. Nunn spoke about one combat mission he served on in the Middle East where his team provided air support to American ground forces who were outnumbered and surrounded by Taliban fighters.

“Every American made it out alive,” Nunn said, as other veterans and audience members cheered.

Nunn was first elected to the Iowa House in 2014 and has built a strong conservative record in the Iowa Legislature. He has earned election wins even when the deck seem stacked against Republicans.

He is still currently weighing a run for Congress.

“We’re in a strong spot where, if we run, we can fight and win this thing with support from everyday Iowans,” Nunn said. “I don’t have a family trust fund to cash in on, so if we run, it’ll be grassroots, high energy, with military efficiency. We will give Iowans a cause worth fighting for.”