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June is now the month for corporations, city governments and anything and everything else to declare the allegiance to the flag of “pride.” Before we can spend one day celebrating our country in July, we spend a whole month celebrating gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, agender, asexual, usexual, msexual, trisexual, quadsexual, nonsexual, yoursexual, mysexual, everysexual we can think of and those sexuals we haven’t thought of yet sexuals — well, you get the point.

As I sit and watch Iowa House Republican after Iowa House Republican support and/or endorse fellow moderate Iowa House Republicans, it becomes clearer to me why Republicans never seem to win. And it isn’t nearly as complicated as I thought it is.


We simply don’t want to.

That’s it.

We don’t want it as bad as the Left wants it.

Ask yourself, would Iowa Democrats in the House publicly endorse and support a fellow Democrat who voted for pro-life legislation?

Of course not. We’re literally talking about the party that couldn’t muster one single vote in support of protecting women’s sports.

Yet look at all the Republican legislators rallying behind Rep. Jane Bloomingdale, who voted against life multiple times. She voted against the Heartbeat Bill and she voted against the Protect Life Amendment.

Yet there are a lot of House Republicans, some of who I used to consider to truly be pro-life warriors, that are endorsing her. Some who will tell you she’s personally pro-life, she just doesn’t believe she can vote that way on public policy.

You know, the same thing a lot of those “pro-life Democrats” used to say.

Democrats don’t support Democrats who cross the base, though. They will not go along with anyone who refuses to toe the party line on abortion or the radical LGBTQXYZ agenda.

Yet Republicans aren’t just willing to go along with them, they’re willing to go out and door knock with them. They’re willing to donate money to them. They’re willing to publicly endorse them and vouch for them.

It is a disturbing reality that reveals the fact Iowa Republicans don’t know the Iowa Republican Party as well as they thought they did.

Especially when the son of the chairman of the Republican Party of Iowa is supporting Republicans who voted against life multiple times — Rep. Lee Hein and Bloomingdale.

What message should that send to pro-life Iowans?

Meanwhile, other Iowa House Republicans are rallying around the biggest Rep. Joe Mitchell, who is a supporter of the LGBTQ agenda as well and supports gender identity being a protected class in Iowa. Mitchell, who pals around with the Log Cabin Republicans and calls bills restricting the teaching of sexual orientation and gender identity “anti-LGBTQ” bills that will never see the light of day.

Republicans are quick to back him too against Rep. Jeff Shipley who is 100 percent committed to taking on the radical LGBTQ agenda.

Democrats would never, in one million years, do that.

And who is to blame? The legislators who are letting us down? Or those of us who keep voting for them and making them legislators, enabling them to continue letting us down?

See, that’s the problem with Republicans — we aren’t willing to risk losing something in order to gain something. We don’t want to risk today’s comfort for the shot at tomorrow’s progress.

Look at how woke corporate America has become. We literally have corporations embracing this radical LGBTQ, drag queen, gender-bending agenda like it is nothing. Exposing children to ridiculous content and expecting no blowback at all. At least not enough blowback that they think twice about what they’re doing.


Because corporate America knows conservative Americans aren’t going to do the hard things. They know they’re not willing to be “uncomfortable.”

They’re not willing to change their habits to take a stand for their beliefs.

At least not enough of them.

Conservative Americans haven’t figured out or do not have any interest in voting with their dollars. If they did, corporate America would be much less woke.

Yet even NASCAR — NASCAR — had a post promoting “Pride Month.”


So, over the last month or so as I’ve seen Iowa Republicans endorse fellow Republicans who stand against life, against school choice and for the radical LGBTQ agenda, I’ve grown frustrated with them.

But as we near the primary election, and Pride Month hits us smack dab in the face, I realize that maybe these Republicans aren’t the problem, maybe they’re a symptom of a larger problem.

Conservative Republicans who aren’t willing to risk losing something in order to gain something. Quit voting for Republicans who let you down when you need them most. Quit supporting companies that actively advocate against your values.

The Left figured this out a long time ago. And it’s worked for them. If it can work for them, it can work for us too. I still firmly believe there are many more of us than there are of them.

Yet for some reason, we’re not willing to do the things necessary to truly bring about the change we supposedly seek. That has to change. Because right now all we’re doing is slowing down the pace with which we are nearing a Leftist’s utopia.

We need to avoid that place completely. Tapping the break to shut off the cruise control isn’t enough. We need to stop the car, turn it around and actually attempt to return to normalcy.

That might come at a temporary cost with some temporary pain. But in the end, if we do avoid the destination of Democrats, it will all be worth it.

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