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I think it’s a fair time to state why I don’t agree with the statement or the movement “Black Lives Matter”.

In short, Marxism. In length, the phrase “black lives matter” is intended to perpetuate a victim class that has been created by extraordinarily racist leftists over the last century in our country. I agree that the “black community” has some serious problems that need addressing. The question is how and by whom?

I’m going to ding Libertarians (generally) again during this, because their blind hatred of police has allowed them (generally) to jump behind BLM with the usual pablum, “but it’s about black lives”, during a time when we should be pushing back and decrying this in unison.

If you support BLM or the phrase “Black Lives Matter” (which, let’s face it, you’re splitting hairs if you try to separate the two), you are supporting the formation of a victim-class new proletariat to be used and abused by elites for the purposes of tearing down modern society for the solution of communism.

How do I know? Simple. Because BLM isn’t about black lives. It doesn’t try to address the two primary sources of premature death among the black demographic in America, abortion and black-on-black crime. These things are institutional, pushed by organizations like Planned Parenthood, and codified by the social welfare system that was put in place, as LBJ so eloquently put it, to “keep those n*****s voting Democrat for 200 years”. Or, better put from Goodwin’s LBJ Biography:

“… Now we’ve got to do something about this, we’ve got to give them a little something, just enough to quiet them down, not enough to make a difference.”

This is exactly what BLM supports today. And if you support BLM or that phrase, you support the idea that black people are victims. You infantalize them, dehumanize them, and strip them of the same expectations and agency that those of other races enjoy. You refuse to address the hard topics so you can pick on a soft one, cops, who on the whole just follow the laws and orders of those very people who spout beliefs like those above.

Worse, you strip the “Black Community” of their only real protectors. Those beat cops on the streets in Ferguson, in Minneapolis, in Baltimore and Chicago, are the only true line of defense between those in those communities who want to live peaceably and those who want to kill, burn, and destroy. And for some reason, you’re jumping in on the side of the destroyers.

You’re robbing the cops of the ability to do their job and do it well, and then you wonder why violence in these communities is skyrocketing, why women and children being shot in drive-bys is commonplace. You cry more over the death of one man, whose death hasn’t even had the chance to be adjudicated, than the innocents mowed down every weekend in Chicago.

Do those “Black Lives” matter to you? Clearly not.

I don’t support Communism. I don’t support Collectivism. I don’t support the lies that must be maintained in order to push us toward those both. If you do, heaven help you. But maybe, just maybe, instead of posting # BLM on the internet, what you should do is try to address the top two killers in the “black community” here first. Once you’ve got those done, we can talk about the minuscule numbers of unarmed people shot by cops and how we can help the cops do better. Until then, though, your words mean nothing.

Author: Sarah Abdouch

Sarah Abdouch is a lifelong Iowan, Wheaton college graduate, former volunteer state director for the convention of states project, and candidate for Iowa House - District 15.