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Ever since the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, abortion has been in the spotlight. And if we’re being honest, the Democrats are on offense on the issue while Republicans are trying to figure out how much ground they must surrender in order to still be able to win an election.

Sometimes — maybe most of the time — I think we make this more complex than it needs to be and refuse to remember what abortion is.

So, let’s be clear — every successful abortion has one thing in common…it results in the death of an unborn baby. It prevents a human being from further development. It is the intentional ending of an unborn baby’s life. And the unborn baby is a human being.

That is what abortion is — the intentional taking of a human being’s life. In other words, abortion is murder.

Many will not even refer to abortion as abortion anymore. Instead, they call it “reproductive rights.”

It seems we — Republicans — don’t even ask the question that needs to be asked every time this conversation happens. When does life begin? I’ve asked some pretty liberal activists this question. None of them have been able to answer it.

When life begins may be worth figuring out if we’re going to continue allowing the intentional killing of unborn babies. And it makes sense to err on the side of life. Meaning, that if we “don’t know” when life begins, shouldn’t we protect it from the earliest possibility that it exists?

So, one reason Republicans are on defense and Democrats are on offense is because Republicans fail to call abortion what it is — murder.

Another is we fail to point out the hypocrisy of the pro-abortion Left and how similar their arguments in favor of killing unborn babies is to the arguments used to support slavery a couple of hundred years ago.

Ultimately it comes down to the idea that certain people based on their development are not people. Or that certain people are property. Or that geography determines if someone deserves constitutional rights.

Another reason this isn’t going our way is because we’re almost eager and quick to surrender. Think about it…we profess that life begins at conception, but quickly follow that up with “but you can kill it if…” or “but you can kill it up to this point.”

The Left, as wrong as they are, is at least consistent with their morality.

On Wednesday, Quinnipiac released new polling that shows support for abortion at an all-time high. And it shows those who oppose abortion in all instances are at an all-time low.

This is despite having science on our side. This is despite the advancements of technology.

How on earth can we be losing this battle? Because we surrender before we bother fighting it.

Look at here in Iowa. Republicans killed a bill in the Iowa Senate that would have required students in grades 7-12 to watch a 3-minute video on fetal development from conception. Republicans killed it. Not Democrats — Republicans.

Republicans who many of you have voted for and will continue to vote for.


Keep in mind this is after Roe was overturned.

It is a sad reality of where we are in Iowa and as a nation.

I want you to do one thing from here on out. Every time you hear a politician use the phrase “God bless America” or “God bless Iowa” — ask yourself (and maybe even that politician) if they believe God will bless a nation that allows the murder of unborn babies.

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Author: Jacob Hall


  1. Jacob,
    I wholeheartedly agree, many republicans and Christians say they are Pro-Life yet they take pro-choice policy positions. An expectant mother aborts (murders) her baby because she fears what the future will be like if she allows the baby to live. We call that murder and a sin against God. We fail to understand that we have this same Pro-choice position when we take nuanced policy positions. We heard many of these nuanced policy positions this last legislative session, for instance the timing is not right, It does not allow for exceptions, the people are not there yet, we need to wait for the next election. My personal favorite is when you bring up using the constitution for a right to life amendment. I hear that would be too dangerous. I say more dangerous than the murder of 65 million babies? This is the same fear of the future that drives the expectant mother to murder her baby that we use when we take our nuanced position as to why we cannot act. We must realize when we take these policy positions, we are willing to murder just like the expectant mother because we fear the future. We need to stop lying to ourselves and God and accept that we are the same pro-choice as them.
    If we truly say we are Pro-life we should be willing to support every measure that saves 1 more baby until we get a Right to Life amendment to the US constitution that protects life from conception to natural death. This is no different than Slavery and is a scourge on our nation. We came to realize slavery is evil and fought a civil war to end the practice in the states that feared losing their slaves. It is easy for us now to say how could they allow for Slavery, what immoral barbarians were they? Many in that day used the same arguments not to act against evil as we do today. We continue to justify our evil just like our ancestors did. This fear is from the father of lies and nothing new under the sun. We will either Trust God and act to arrest this evil or we will follow the father of fear and lies.


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