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Notwithstanding the Supreme Court’s ruling last night, the 1,500 pastors are even more committed to their cause because we are now facing a mental health pandemic. The recent study by the Census Bureau confirmed what these pastors already have experienced in their communities. With a third of Americans experiencing signs of clinical anxiety and depression, 70 percent of low-income individuals experiencing depression and hopelessness, and suicide on the rise, churches need to be able to resume their fellowship for those in need. And with the unconscionable killing of George Floyd, our nation needs the opportunity to seek comfort and solace in the arms of the faith community. Our churches should operate as the conscience of the state to help heal the wounds of racial divides. Justice Robert’s swing vote against the faith community cannot stand. Let’s give an outlet for people to meet in churches as an alternative to shutting down freeways and burning down buildings. The 1,500 courageous pastors will continue their plan to meet in person, fight against the limits on attendance, and assert their right to minister to the community in order to bring healing to our land.