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11:30 a.m. – House File 2183:

House File 2183 was proposed by Rep. Holly Brink. It’s an act relating to motor vehicle insurance, including requiring owners of registered motor vehicles to maintain financial liability coverage, establishing a motor vehicle insurance verification database, authorizing the use of automated registration plate reader systems and authorizing county enforcement and diversion programs.

Part of this bill authorizes a county attorney to implement and administer an uninsured vehicle enforcement program in the county attorney’s county under which law enforcement agencies in the county may use an automated registration plate reader system to access and collect data for the enforcement of Code section 321.20B. The bill allows a county attorney or law enforcement agency to enter into a contractual agreement with a provider for purposes of providing the necessary technology, equipment and maintenance of a system.

The bill allows a peace officer to verify by sworn affidavit that a photograph generated by a system identifies a particular motor vehicle operating or having operated on the highways and that the motor vehicle insurance verification database indicates the motor vehicle was not in compliance with Code section 321.20B at the time of operation.

Jacob Hall

Author: Jacob Hall