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The first official Thanksgiving was proclaimed by President George Washington on October 3,1789. It was to be celebrated on Thursday, November 26th. This is one of several great precedents he set for the country and the presidency.

The holiday became law in 1863 when Congress designated the last Thursday in November. Then in 1942, it was changed to the 4th Thursday. This unique American holiday dates back 230 years. Thanksgiving is part of our national legacy, and we are blessed to inherit it.

At a time when our history is mischaracterized and slandered, we need to be reminded that we have abundant reasons to be grateful. To be born a citizen of the United States of America is to hit the freedom lottery. There is no better place on earth than our country to develop your gifts, pursue your dreams and fulfill your God-given potential. No other nation comes close.

We are grateful to Almighty God for the blessing we enjoy. It is a privilege to be an American. We also thank the men and women who volunteer to serve us in the military. Their sacrifice assures our continued freedom. 

I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday with family and friends. May God continue to pour out His magnificent blessings on you, your family and our beloved nation. Happy Thanksgiving!

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