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There is a lot to unload when it comes to the events of Wednesday’s protest at the United States Capitol. I am grateful for having been there. If I wasn’t there, all I would have to make conclusions on is the media’s reporting of what happened.

And, having been there, I know the media’s reporting of what happened versus what actually happened isn’t exactly the same thing.

As dramatic as the protest was, it seems there is a failure among many to consider why the protest happened to begin with.

Without understanding why something happened, it is pretty difficult to prevent something similar from happening again.

So let’s look at why what happened, happened.

Do not confuse highlighting reasons why something happened as blame for something happening. Ultimately individuals are responsible for their individual actions.

For years the media has ridiculed conservatives. They’ve been called irredemable, deplorable and chumps — and that’s just by the last two Democrat presidential candidates. The media has treated them much, much worse.

The media works to make conservatives feel as though they are morons. They are alone. They are isolated. They are out of touch. They are on the wrong side of history. They are bigots. They are homophobes. They are greedy. They are selfish…

I could go on.

Conservatives have no voice in the media.

Enter Big Tech. Twitter, Facebook and the ilk censor conservatives at a far greater rate than liberals. Accounts disappear. Posts are “fact-checked.” Messages are stymied.

Conservatives struggled to have a voice through Big Tech.

We also know that conservatives were hoping to see a lawsuit be given a chance in the United States Supreme Court. Lawsuits were filed, but the Supreme Court refused to entertain any of them.

Conservatives felt they had no voice in the courts.

State legislators were written, called and emailed. But nothing came of it.

Conservatives felt they had no voice within key state legislatures.

Congressional representatives were contacted. Yet nothing came of it.

Conservatives felt they had no voice within their federal representatives.

All of this was done because they felt their voice at the ballot box had been taken away.

Don’t like your representation? Go vote.

That’s what we’ve been told for decades.

Well, going to vote seems to many of Trump’s supporters like a fool’s errand now. They have zero faith and confidence in the nation’s electoral process.

So, considering all the steps that were taken, what else were the protesters supposed to do?

Smash windows and break laws? No.

But the people should never be kept out of the People’s House while the People’s business is unfolding. There are of course decorum laws when it comes to the House and Senate chambers, but there is no reason not to allow the people into their own house.

So, considering all the steps that were previously taken, what should the protesters have done instead?

Are we really surprised when a group of individuals who believe their voice is being ignored by government officials decide to do something drastic to get their representatives’ attention?

The Trump supporters who were in D.C. believed with all their heart and mind that something was going to happen. They are convinced the election was a fraud and Joe Biden did not beat Donald Trump.

They were certain that Vice President Mike Pence could do something.

They believed what they were told.

It all came to a head on Wednesday.

You can’t back a group of people into a corner and be shocked when they finally decide to fight back.

And based on the comments I heard as I strolled around the Capitol, this is only the beginning of their effort to fight back.

Things may well get worse before they get better.

Author: Jacob Hall


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