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Rep. Wills: House Republicans unveil fiscal year 2020 budget

Excerpt from Rep. John Wills' newsletter: Development of the state budget took a major step forward on Tuesday when House Republicans unveiled our framework for...

Congressman King highlights error in Congressional record

Congressman Steve King releases the following information which shows how easily an error in transcription could have led to the botched and disputed “quote”...

Congressman King makes use of time in D.C.

One positive aspect of Congressman Steve King's new schedule in the 116th Congress is that it has freed him from attending hearings organized and...

Woodbury County Supervisor Taylor throws hat into Congressional race

Woodbury County Supervisor and former Iowa legislator Jeremy Taylor announced on Wednesday he has opened a federal campaign committee for the Republican nomination of...

Religious activist who burnt books promoting homosexuality, transgenderism pleads not guilty

Activist Paul Dorr submitted a plea of not guilty on Jan. 19. Dorr, who is the director of a group called “Rescue the Perishing,”...

Congressman King responds to Heartbeat bill ruling; encourages continued fight for...

Fourth District Congressman Steve King has played a major role in efforts to defend the unborn throughout his tenure in the United States House...

How does Left explain Robert Byrd’s career, tenure as Democrat

Robert Byrd served in political office for a long time. Byrd, a Democrat, put in more than 51 years in the United States Senate...

Congressman King responds to NY Times

Congressman Steve King released a statement Thursday regarding a story in The New York Times. The article quoted King as saying, "White nationalist, white...

Congressman King responds to Feenstra announcement

Congressman Steve King released the following statement: “Just last December 28, Randy Feenstra told Jeff King, ‘as you know, I love your dad and I...

Reactions rolling in regarding potential Feenstra, King primary

State Representative Skyler Wheeler said both Feenstra and King are strong conservatives. "I love both of these guys," Wheeler said. "They have worked very hard...
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