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Congressperson Randy Feenstra sent a mailer attacking his primary opponent, conservative Kevin Virgil, last week. Virgil lived in New York before moving back to Iowa and challenging the moderate Republican congressperson.

Here is the mailer sent by Congressperson Feenstra’s campaign:

The astonishing thing is that Congressperson Feenstra felt it necessary to attack his opponent. Typically moderate, establishment Republicans just ignore primaries from grassroots conservatives. So the fact Congressperson Feenstra felt compelled to send a mailer shows he believes he is vulnerable due to an absence of ties to grassroots conservatives in the Fourth District.

While nobody would dispute the liberalism from New York Democrats, it is worth examining if New York Republicans are less conservative than Iowa Republicans.

Rep. George Santos – 84
Rep. Elise Stefanik – 65
Rep. Claudia Tenney – 60
Rep. Brandon Williams – 59
Rep. Nicholas Langworth – 50
Rep. Marcus Molinaro – 50
Rep. Nicole Malliotakis – 45
Rep. Nick LaLota – 37
Rep. Andrew Garbarino – 35
Rep. Anthony D’Esposito – 33
Rep. Michael Lawler – 30

New York’s GOP delegation has an average score of 49.8 as it relates to the House Liberty Caucus 2023 Liberty Index. Not great, but hey, it is New York. Certainly “deep red” Iowa must have stronger numbers. Let’s take a look…

Rep. Randy Feenstra – 50
Rep. Zach Nunn – 50
Rep. Mariannette Miller-Meeks – 47
Rep. Ashley Hinson – 45

Iowa’s GOP delegation has an average score of 48. Forty-eight. In fact, Iowa’s delegation only beats the GOP delegations from Washington and Oregon.

By the way, four House members from New York voted against certifying the 2020 Election results. That’s four more than Iowa had.

Also of note, Congressperson Feenstra’s “Delivers PAC” has contributed thousands of dollars to New York politicians.

In fact, New York’s most liberal Republican — Lawler — received $2,500 from Feenstra on June 30, 2023. Molinaro received $1,000 from Feenstra on June 30, 2023. Feenstra also gave Williams $1,000.

And Feenstra’s PAC doesn’t seem to despite New York money. In 2023 it received $13,400 from New Yorkers.

Gee, maybe Iowa’s delegation could stand to be told what to do by New York politicians — especially the former Congressman George Santos.

Keep in mind, while Feenstra attacks Virgil for leaving Iowa in service to America, Feenstra himself had no problem inviting out-of-district donors to be his guests at the State of the Union the last two years.

Virgil, for his part, responded to Feenstra’s attack. You can watch his response below:


  1. These are times that try men’s souls. A search of thousands of Press Releases from Iowa’s 4 US House of Representatives reveals NOT ONE mention of Obamacare in the last 4 years! Iowa’s Republican Platform requires Obamacare Repeal so we have 4 Republican Traitors! AND, it gets worse. Senator Joni Ernst was elected on her promise to repeal Obamacare in her famous 30-second TV commercial called “Give Me a Shot” where she shoots 6 bullets into an Obamacare target. Joni has had thousands of Press Releases in the last 4 years and refuses to mention Obamacare. Joni Ernst’s last mention of Obamacare was in January 2019. Iowa has a full deck of Republican traitors.

  2. They say the right things until they get elected. They have no honor. They take the oath to Defend The Constitution, which is the law of the land. Then they do what their masters say.

  3. When disrespect for the values of the Iowa Republican Party Platform overcomes those elected to protect it then it is time for we the people of Iowa, “who have not lost our minds,” to arise to the occasion and say, “you are fired” !

    A disloyal Republican and a loyal Democrat that never strays from the agenda of the Obama/Biden socialistic, one world rule party platform, are one in the same and “we the people” of Iowa, “who have not lost our minds,” have to stop justifying bad behavior with worse behavior!

    ” We the people of Iowa” believe that it is the grassroots leadership in Iowa’s 99 counties that makes Iowa one of the states that has not lost its mind. Any candidate elected to represent the Iowa Republican Party Platform at any level of government that fails to respect or uphold platform principles as written and approved through county, district and state Republican conventions should be subject to reprimand, censured, primaried and replaced.

    Pray up, stand up, speak up and vote up on June 4th, 2024 !

  4. You guys I AGREE with you-they ALL have let us down!!! Primary ALL OF THEM!!!!! They have voted for EVERY CR-SPEND, SPEND, SPEND!!!!! I have called their office over and over until I was sick and I’m sick of it and also throw in our Senators.
    We have to have common sense and COURAGE!!!!!


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