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Today, America First Legal (AFL) is releasing research obtained through collaboration with American Accountability Foundation, demonstrating that the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is funding groups that advance illegal, racist, and anti-American DEI policies and promote the “systemic racism” lie. The evidence is that the Gates Foundation is engaged in a systemic assault on our nondiscrimination laws and the principle that individual Americans deserve to be judged on the content of their character, not the color of their skin. Over and over again, the Gates fortune is being used to promote anti-white, anti-police policies and programs.

“The Inland Empire Community Foundation”

The Inland Empire Community Foundation operates in Riverside and San Bernardino Counties, California. The Foundation’s website states:

In 2022, the Gates Foundation gave $289,000 to the Foundation for a “Black Equity Fund,” which it describes on its website as:

As the United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit recently noted in granting an injunction against a similar fund, there is “no legal right to exclude persons from a contractual regime based on race.”

“The Indian American Impact Project”

The Indian American Impact Project is an aggressively partisan leftist organization. For example, its website states that the Executive Director is dedicated to “flip[ping] everything blue.”

In 2022, the Gates Foundation donated $250,000 to this organization. Advancing illegal and immoral DEI is a major organizational purpose. The website states:

The website also states:

Notably, U.S. census data shows that fifty-five percent of Asian Americans over age 25 have a bachelor’s degree, compared with thirty-five percent of the total population, and the median household income for Asian American households is $97,626 a year, forty percent higher than the US median of $69,717.

“Independent Sector”

In 2022, the Gates Foundation gave $400,000 to “Independent Sector.”  According to its website, Independent Sector adopted DEI in response to demands from larger woke foundations.

For example, Independent Sector apparently funds and supports racially discriminatory programs aimed at “closing the racial wealth gap”:

AWBI purportedly engages in illegal race-based contracting practices.

“In Our BackYards, Inc”

In 2022, the Gates Foundation gave $450,000 to “In Our BackYards, Inc.” This organization’s website includes a ‘Racial Justice Toolkit’ that says the following:

“Ioby” funds leftist causes, including the “Muslim ARC House” which is operated by an organization that claims:

The “award” from “CAIR” is extremely troubling. “CAIR” aka the “Council on American-Islamic Relations,” is a significant node in the pro-Hamas/Muslim Brotherhood network.

“Guttmacher Institute”

In 2022, the Gates Foundation donated $1.1 million, $725,000, and $506,419 to the Guttmacher Institute. In addition to being pro-abortion, the Guttmacher Institute is a DEI purveyor. The organization’s website includes the following “Racial Equity Statement”:

Guttmacher bends the knee to illegal and immoral “racial equity”:

“Greater Waco Collective Impact Initiative”

In 2022, the Gates Foundation donated $277,009 and $95,000 to the “Greater Waco Collective Impact Initiative.” On their website, the group claims “intentional racism demands intentional equity” and makes the following ‘equity statement’:

“Getting Smart”

In 2022, the Gates Foundation donated $65,070 to “Getting Smart,” whose website includes the following ‘equity statement’:

“Getting Smart” explains itself as follows:

What this exposition means, precisely, is unclear. What is clear, however, is that DEI pervades the organization’s services and operations.

“Fund for Educational Excellence, Inc.”

In 2022, the Gates Foundation donated $1,100,000, $808,252, and $1,153,376  to the “Fund for Educational Excellence, Inc.,” whose website includes the following ‘equity statement’:

“Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center”

On seven occasions in 2022, the Gates Foundation donated a total of $9,919,786 to the “Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center.” This cancer treatment center affirms:

Its website includes the following:

Interestingly, the cancer center explicitly ranks DEI principles higher than the quality of its clinical care and research. The website states:

“California Community Colleges Foundation”In 2022, the Gates Foundation donated $565,727 to the “California Community Colleges Foundation,” whose website advocates unlawful special treatment for the following ‘historically underserved’ groups:

“Eskolta School and Research Design, Inc.” 

In 2022, the Gates Foundation donated $2,100,000  to “Eskolta School and Research Design, Inc.,” whose website includes the following ‘mission statement’:

“Equity in Education Coalition”

In 2022, the Gates Foundation donated $200,000 to the “Equity in Education Coalition,” whose website page on ‘Undoing Institutional Racism’ includes the following:

“Equimundo Center for Masculinities [sic] and Social Justice” 

In 2022, the Gates Foundation donated $250,000 to the “Equimundo Center for Masculinities and Social Justice” whose website includes the following about “Gender Socialization”:

This organization aggressively pushes the “white supremacy” trope. The website proudly links to this program:

“Equal Measure.org”

In 2022, the Gates Foundation donated a total of $870,560 to “EqualMeasure.org.” This organization’s ‘strategic plan’ includes the following:


In 2022, the Gates Foundation donated $1,391,112 to “Educause,” which published the following diversity, equity, and inclusion ‘invitation’:


The Gates Foundation has donated a total of $7,620,745 to “Edtrust.org.” This organization’s ‘advocating for education equity’ page contains the following:

Statement from Stephen Miller, America First Legal President: 

“This investigation is a damning portrait of how left-wing billionaire “philanthropy” – far from helping those in need – has been weaponized into vehicles for the most hateful, toxic, and Marxist ideologies. Though portrayed as charitable giving, these foundation gifts appear to be funding extreme activists and programs that promote illegal racial discrimination against whites and other groups, radically undermine public safety, and foment dangerous anti-cop extremism. Bill and Melinda Gates owe the American public an explanation and accounting for their foundation’s shocking activities.” said Stephen Miller.

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