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An effort to pull modified mRNA COVID shots off the market has just two signatures from Iowa. Republican State Rep. Jeff Shipley has signed the petition as has conservative congressional candidate David Pautsch.

Shipley has led on medical freedom issues in Iowa ever since he entered the Iowa House in 2019. Pautsch, meanwhile, is facing liberal Congresswoman Mariannette Miller-Meeks, who championed the COVID shots and administered many jabs to young Republicans across the state.

More than 17,000 physicians and scientists have called for the shots to be pulled off market. As of March 25, 163 elected officials, 89 candidates, 14 Republican Party county committees and one surgeon general have also signed.

Here is the declaration signed by more than 17,000 physicians and medical scientists:

1.  We declare, and the data confirms that COVID-19 experimental genetic therapy injections must end. All COVID-19 and other modified mRNA “vaccines” must be immediately discontinued. We demand that Covid-19 vaccines be removed from the pediatric vaccine schedule.

2. We declare these products meet definition of gene therapies, and the FDA should regulate them as such

3. We declare physicians should never be blocked from providing any necessary medical treatment.

4. We declare the emergency use authorization, that is allowing yet another untested version of the “vaccine” to be administered without formal regulatory approval, should be immediately terminated. 

5. We declare the governing bodies of the world should have their emergency powers limited in both time and scope.

6. We declare medical privacy should never again be violated, and all travel, religious and social restrictions must never be repeated.

7. We declare masks are not, nor have ever been, effective protection against an airborne respiratory virus and should never again be mandated.

8. We declare injury from COVID-19 “vaccines” must be recognized.  Compensation must be provided for those injured by these injections.  Funding must be allocated to the study of these syndromes and the development of diagnostics and treatments should be pursued.

 9. We declare no individual’s economic, educational, military or employment opportunity should be denied over accepting or declining a medical intervention. Medical freedom and informed consent are essential human rights.

10. We declare free speech violations and medical censorship by governments, technology/media companies, governing medical bodies, academia, hospital systems, and the medical industrial complex should cease, and fundamental individual human rights be forever upheld.

 11. We declare Pfizer, Moderna, BioNTech, Janssen, Astra Zeneca studies were severely flawed, and they withheld safety and efficacy information from patients and physicians. They should face legal consequences for their dereliction of scientific duty which resulted in countless unnecessary disability and deaths. 

 12. We declare governments, media, global regulatory bodies, and medical agencies, such as CDC, FDA, NIH, NIAID, MHRA, NHS, TGA, SAPRA etc, and unelected international bodies including but not limited to WHO, WEF, UN, GAVI, and EcoHealth Alliance must be held accountable for mandating policies and procedures, and directing funding for reckless gain of function research that resulted in massive harms.

Names can be added here.

Here is the sample “Ban the Jab” resolutions:


Strong and credible evidence shows Covid-19 and Covid-19 injections are biological and technological weapons; all cause mortality (ACM) has risen dramatically since the rollout of the COVID-19 injections.

The modified mRNA shots have not undergone proper testing. Drugs require at least 5 years of testing/research before risks are understood and typically takes 10 years to prove a drug is safe and effective.

Experimental drugs and new substances should never be given to pregnant or lactating women. 104/127 miscarriage rate (82%) in women who received the COVID-19 shot in first 20 weeks. Modified mRNA crosses the placenta and has been detected in breast milk.

Florida recommends against COVID-19 shots for under age 17. Data shows a 17,495% increase in monthly average for myocarditis cases under age 18 following the COVID-19 shots. Pediatric myocarditis can leave an asymptomatic permanent scar on the heart, increasing the risk of arrhythmia and death. Over 200 peer-reviewed studies describe myocarditis after the COVID shots.

No other vaccine has generated more than 50 studies on adverse reactions. COVID shots have generated over 3000 with an under-reporting factor estimated to be 41.

Historically, any drug with 5 unexplained deaths gets a black box warning. After 50 unresolved deaths, it’s pulled from the market. A death count of 50 from the COVID shots was reached by Jan 2021.

Resolved, on behalf of preserving the human race, the _______________(County) hearby:

The _______Governor and State Legislature are called to prohibit the sale and distribution of COVID-19 injections and all mRNA injections in ______ (state).

The ________Attorney General is called to immediately seize all COVID-19 injections and mRNA injections in _________ to perform a forensic analysis on these COVID shots.

A pledge for elected officials and candidates can be signed here.



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