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The COVID-19 pandemic upended life as we knew it headed into 2020. I don’t believe that is too strong of a statement.

America was “shut down” to the point our churches were not allowed to hold in-person services by our government. And yes, that includes states like Iowa where the governor is a Republican.

Even Republican governors shut down churches. Even Republican governors limited gatherings to no more than 10 people. Even Republican governors shut down schools. Even Republican governors — well, you get the point.

To be fair, some of those Republican governors relaxed their unconstitutional edicts earlier than other governors. If that provides any consolation to you.

Sorry. Sidetracked…

News is slowly coming out that confirms what many readers of The Iowa Standard have known all along — the COVID-19 pandemic was caused by an outbreak from the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

It was obvious then. And it is even more obvious now.

We were told this virus came from nature and was likely transmitted through bats to humans. We were told not to believe the “disinformation” and theories like a lab leak were “debunked.”

Sure, the first people to contract COVID happened to be working in the same lab, but that was just a coincidence.

How dumb did they think we were? Well, how dumb do they still think we are?

Because you wouldn’t know about the COVID origin reports if you only consumed news through traditional media. Dr. Anthony Fauci also was a voice against the truth. He routinely said it wasn’t a lab leak and it was much more likely something that happened in nature.

Fauci should be in jail. One of two things has to be true:

  1. He knew all along the virus came from the lab. Or…
  2. He was far too ignorant to hold the position he held and lacks competence.

It’s either or.

Three years later, we know they were wrong and we were right. But do we hear an apology? Do we hear an admission? No.

And here is the scary part — the origins of COVID-19 were not the only thing the public health “experts” missed during the pandemic.

Remember the whole “if you get the vaccine you will not contract COVID” pitch?

Will an apology or an admission make things better? No. Will it slightly increase trust in our public health “experts?” Maybe. Slightly. It would at least be a start.

What does the lack of an admission or the lack of an apology mean?

Simple. It means they still think we’re that dumb or they are so arrogant they do not care.

They were wrong. We were right.

Here is what I believe is the No. 1 reason you will not hear an admission about the origins of COVID — because if the virus did escape from a Chinese lab (it did), China must be held accountable.

But there is no reason to believe the current administration has any interest in holding China accountable for anything.

Author: Jacob Hall


  1. It’s worst than that. It went as planned it was premeditated. Fauci and the communists in China and the USA planned this. Can’t rig an election without Mail in voting. Millions died Fauci lied.


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