COVID ROULETTE: Prairie Meadows puts Nov. 1 deadline for mandatory employee vaccinations

Prairie Meadows has been added to the list of Iowa employers requiring vaccination for its employees. The company sent a letter to employees in late September letting them know the mandatory vaccination policy will be effective Nov. 1.

“We are adopting this policy to safeguard the health of our employees and their families, our customers and the community at large from infectious diseases that may be reduced by vaccinations,” the letter states. “In making this decision, the executive leadership team took into consideration our highly regulated personnel requirements, the executive order and the surge in COVID-19 cases due to the Delta variant.”

Employees are required to provide proof of vaccination no later than Nov. 1. They must submit proof of vaccination or an exemption form by sending an electronic copy to a particular employee or a hard copy to Human Resources.

“Failure to do so will result in termination of employment,” the letter states.

Religious and medical exemptions are allowed to be requested.

Author: Jacob Hall