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In the coming weeks, Amy Coney Barrett will be attacked, mocked and ridiculed by Democrats across the country for her faith. Yet, ironically, she supposedly shares the same “Catholic” faith as the Democrat nominee for President, Joe Biden, as well as the Democrat Speaker of the U.S. House, Nancy Pelosi.

While Barrett, Biden and Pelosi all claim to share the same religion, the truth is they couldn’t have more different worldviews.

How does that happen?

The Catholic church is supposed to derive its teachings and beliefs from the Bible. The Bible says what it says about — well, let’s just say abortion and marriage.

Yet Biden and Pelosi hold views on both that are in direct disobedience to the Catholic church as well as — and more importantly — to the Bible.

Barrett is not going to be mocked for being a Catholic. Political affiliation is nearly an even split for Catholics in America, with just one percent more being Democrat than Republican (47 percent to 46 percent).

So for the Democrats who attack her for her “Catholic” faith, which they have already done and will continue to do, they’d have to attack the 47 percent of Catholics who vote Democrat too.

But it isn’t Barrett’s Catholicism that bothers them, it is her belief in the Bible. Her belief in things as basic as life begins at conception and marriage between one man and one woman. Those are the ideas that Democrats hate Catholics for having. And those ideas are fundamental not just to Catholicism, but to a biblical worldview.

Notice how Democrats have no problem with Biden or Pelosi’s Catholicism, only Barrett’s.


Because her Catholicism is rooted in God’s Word rather than Biden and Pelosi’s, which is worldly.

It isn’t the Catholic church that Democrats despise, it’s God’s Word. It’s the Bible.

Perhaps Bible-believing Catholics and Bible-believing Christians — which are really the only kind of Catholics and Christians there can be — are being given one more chance to see exactly what the Democrat Party thinks of their faith before possibly making one big mistake in the voting booth this November.

Jacob Hall

Author: Jacob Hall